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  1. A pile of gold

    nice job.congrats
  2. A Gold Ring With 9 Diamonds And 2 Snakes!

  3. Using pictures to find locations?

    pannerman i can try to help u by photo dowsing,but make sure you strip the GPS exif data from the pictures as desertnuggets told u so as to peotect your place and keep it secret from others.i live in europe u cant worry about me,but always protect your spots. :)
  4. If you will own 3 detectors... which ones would you buy and why?

    u need 3 different kin of detectors to be completed.a long range or rods,a good vlf and a pulse detector.
  5. Want to try Dowsing?

    when a person mentions a felling of exhaustion while dowsing he has to rest for a while.i ve seen people ready to insensible after dowsing and i ve also seen rods ready to break while dowsing from the strength of the signal.however rods are difficult to get u exactly to the zero point because of...
  6. A sign?!

    draw the rock with a chalk so as to see the sign as well
  7. Wh owould you donate this piece to?

    Methuen FD
  8. Natural dowser

    even a detector that doesnt work and need some fix
  9. oujie board

    spirits may answer that are familiar people we know but u cant be sure,and u cant be so powerful to call any spirit u,try call some famous and strong personality,try call a saint or something like this.we cant.spirits say anything they want,they play with us,and of course can answer to...
  10. Natural dowser

    hello everybody,i am exercising 2 years now as an natural dowser,i use 2 simple rods,and so far i think i kind handle it.if anybody wants to ask about a place that believes about a treasure,i would be glad to help with my rods,natural dowsers can search from a photo with the same success...
  11. wanted pin pointer

    do u have a link for this?
  12. help about at pro!!!!confused

    thanks a lot linkhylian
  13. help about at pro!!!!confused

    so,,the indications i take are between 55 and 90.could these indications mean golden coins which are the objects i am looking for???
  14. british signs

    is there anyone here who knows to decode signs that british army used to mark for hiding gold,or armaments during ww1 and ww2 in europe?is there a british veteran in the forum or a descendant of a veteran?i have collected many signs on rocks ,trees etc.
  15. help about at pro!!!!confused

    there are no possibilities for nails foil etc because the place is away from man's activities and the hole is deep enough so its unpossible for these items to be there.therefore i am hoping it beeps the object i am looking for,but i dig on rocks,i remove the rocks,i tst on the rocks,nothing...
  16. help about at pro!!!!confused

    thanks for your quick replies.well,i run in pro mode,but the beep sounds also in simple mode,full sensitivity.beep sounds both custom and coin programs.the signal seems to be very clear but it USUALLY comes after the coil touches the rocks on the walls of the hole first.the ground is clear from...
  17. help about at pro!!!!confused

    please anyone who knows about at pro...while digging it beeps from 55 to 90 and shows 25 plus cm.i dig again it beeps and shows 10 cm.i dig again and remove some rocks,test the machine over the rocks nothing,test again in the ground beeps but nothing found.because of the small space of the hole...
  18. wanted pin pointer

    is there anybody with a spare pin pointer to share??or whoo sells it very low?:hello::hello::BangHead: