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  1. Anyone into collecting vises?

    I picked this up at an estate sale today. I paid 10 bucks for it and its in good working order. I don't know anything about Milwaukee Hay tool but that the make pulley and trolleys for hay stacking or did. I have no idea how old or what its worth is.
  2. Found my first point

    I have been looking and looking in creek beds and after the hard rains this was in my back yard. LOL Crazy.
  3. Is this rose or red quartz?

    Found this in a creek bed.
  4. Displaying your Finds

    No arrow heads but this I found in a dry creek bed this horse shoe about 1.3 miles from the parking off trail.
  5. Gold wedding ring. .

    And my wife confiscated it,
  6. Gold wedding ring. .

    Nope found next to a creek bed
  7. Gold wedding ring. .

    Well spent another few hours looking for arrowhead no luck but I did find a wedding ring. 10k gold with small diamonds Looks like its dated 10-9-2004 2.6 grams weight about 45 dollars in melt value.
  8. Two arrowheads any thoughts?

    Digital microscope of the white one,
  9. Two arrowheads any thoughts?

    Digital micro pics Some digital microscope pics of both.
  10. Two arrowheads any thoughts?

    Seller said Gary Noel sold the gray one, any thoughts on the white arrow head?
  11. Two arrowheads any thoughts?

    Thanks for the help. I paid 40 bucks for the two. If you guys think they are fakes I can send both of them back. As far as shows I am new to the hunting and finding so I have no idea about shows in my area. Bella Vista Ar. I wanted a couple of real arrow heads to get a feel for the real deal. I...
  12. Two arrowheads any thoughts?

    Thanks for the input I appreciate it. I have a time limit to send it back. Can you guys if you don't mind take a look at his site and tell me if there is anything that looks good? I wanted to get a few real one to know what to look for in knapping and a feel for rocks that are not arrow heads...
  13. Two arrowheads any thoughts?

    They were 20 bucks each shipped. Also a money back if I don't like them. The sellers store
  14. Two arrowheads any thoughts?

    They are from a seller on
  15. Two arrowheads any thoughts?

    It was sold as a sniders and kirk the sniders is said to be from Indiana and the kirk from Kentucky.
  16. Two arrowheads any thoughts?

    I won't say where I bought them but its a seller on a respected site. What are your thoughts on these arrow heads? Value?
  17. I know what I found, just not sure how old it is

    The double prongs on the back were brazed there. There is nothing including the prongs that is ferrous metal. I did a bit of scraping on the edge with and razor knife and it looks brass.
  18. I know what I found, just not sure how old it is

    So out doing some detecting and found this belt buckle. I believe its a buckle. I did a bit of a steel wool on it to get the grung off. It looks like the center has 3 letters and the last one looks like an A. Any help thanks.
  19. Fake bullets from civil war

    I would love to dig my own but finding a spot to dig is not that easy
  20. Fake bullets from civil war

    I have seen these, but they cost 8 bucks for 4 or 5 and to then take the time to oxidize and mud set them and then sell them for a buck on eBay seems not very cost effective.