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  1. (Rare) 🪙 Draped Bust Dime, 1 Reale, KG III, Mercury Dime, several buttons and other coins 🧱

    not too shabby of a day. Maybe a once in a lifetime coin. No big deal. Awesome job
  2. 🧱 Spanish, Seated, and Walking Liberty Half (SILVER)

    Save some for the rest of us….great day for you keep at it Definitely a spot I’d go to again Go birds
  3. EARLY 1700’s SMALL FARM FIELD PERMISSION! COLONIAL BLISS! Seated silver and coppers.

    Looks like you stumbled across a nice spot I would think there is a chance that is a half reale converted button who knows looks like a great day go birds
  4. I was not expecting to find one of these today. (New Brunswick)

    Don’t see too many of those down here nice find sir
  5. NJ Copper and Draped bust large cent

    Not to shabby well done
  6. 1825 Capped Bust

    That is a bucket lister for anyone….great coin and is definitely best coin from that field
  7. High mileage 1/2 Reale

    96 percent certain it is. Just a guess. Awesome regardless.
  8. *UPDATE* 9-16-22 on Native American arrow head.

    Pretty sure that point could bring down a buffalo well done top shelf find lol
  9. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Trigger guard identification help

    Hey found this last year seems like a 1700s 1800s trigger guard for a musket or pistol of sorts it is bent up a bit and has a engraved design if anyone could give more info on it greatly would be appreciated thanks everyone
  10. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED I thought this was a matron or US large cent but I don’t think it is…

    Actually I believe it is one oops figured it out on my own
  11. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED I thought this was a matron or US large cent but I don’t think it is…

    The coin on right is for comparison. I matched each one up. You see what says cent on the left coin where it should be. But when you flip them over it looks like a banner with writing where date should be. You can see the stars on coin on left as well but it looks different. Any help? Thanks...
  12. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Just wanted a copper id for this coin and wanted to get opinions

    Any idea on this copper? I’m drawing a blank. Thanks
  13. Early 1800?s homesite 👍🏻

    Cool finds real cool finds....
  14. Vintage baseball suspender?

    Anyone have info on this? My guess 1930s I think is something special thanks!
  15. Found this beauty today! 338 year old bucket lister.

    Trade you a case or two of that beer you like for it...congrats you are welcome lol

    Yea I found some of that found more but thanks for bringing me along
  17. Copper coin ID interesting bust not familiar with

    in middle of KG2 and quarter please click on pictures to see right angle
  18. Possibly my final find

    Hey that’s not your last find. It’s a nice one but not the last. I detect down your way a lot and if you ever want to come with us to our spots or invite us to yours I’m down. Shoot me a message. Wish you the best regardless hang in there. Edit:I’ve actually detected with you before met you...
  19. 3” buckle looking for a few details about it

    That’s mine. I lost it last week. Thanks.