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  1. Had a Great Day!! 4 Silvers & a lot of holes!

    Congratulations on another well done accomplishment ..
  2. Intuition pays in silver and gold

    Congratulations on your achievement Great recoveries
  3. Another trip to the farm

    Congratulations on your teamwork and nice recoveries
  4. Five More Silvers To Finish Out The Week!

    Congratulations on your accomplishment Great post and thank you for sharing
  5. Bridal Rosette?

    Ed Nice find Good luck on the design review
  6. Recent Cape Cod Trail Finds

    Outstanding achievement Congratulations on your nice recoveries
  7. Some Nickels

    Very nice and Congratulations…… Great recoveries indeed
  8. Another Silver Ring in Vegas!

    Outstanding and Congratulations on your success Thanks again for sharing with us
  9. New Minelab Equinox 900

    Glad to read that the 900 is working well.. Congratulations on your success
  10. Took the Manticore out today for a while

    Congratulations on your nice recoveries Gare.. Glad to read that you got the Manticore working good. I hope to also be able to get out there soon after the snow melts HH
  11. Coinstar coughs another steel

    Congratulations on another successful store visit I was at two stores today and struck out .. Hoping for better results next time Take care
  12. THE Random Chat Thread - AKA "The RCT" - No shirt or shoes required - Open 24 / 7

    ARC.. I was hoping that you smiled when you saw this Someday I would like to also make a sand castle along a Florida beach Take Care
  13. THE Random Chat Thread - AKA "The RCT" - No shirt or shoes required - Open 24 / 7

    ARC. Would you like to make a snowman to put on the beach There’s plenty of snow available
  14. At the checkout today

    @E-Trac-Ohio Thank you Try to take a peek when you are in the’s great to find something when the detector is home.. Good Luck
  15. At the checkout today

    @Trezurehunter Thanks again..Take a peek next time shopping and I hope you snag one.. Good Luck
  16. Short hunt after work and a Ring!!

    Very nice recoveries Congratulations
  17. At the checkout today

    @Coinstar magnet Since seeing your success at the stores I find myself taking a extra peek also…
  18. Help! Old anchor shipwreck?

    Outstanding Best of Luck on the research
  19. Happy guy here!!

    Very nice work Congratulations
  20. Fort Finds

    Very very nice Congratulations on your success