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  1. Salvage company wins over state

    Congratulations Intersal and Mike Daniels. Maybe Florida could learn something from the results of this litigation. Jack Dyer
  2. SOLD !!! For sale SIDE SCAN SONAR + Underwater Video ROV

    Spelled Warrnambool. Been there. If you go pick it up make sure to dive Piccaninnie Ponds.
  3. Spain treasure hunting ship

    Anybody know the name of the ship?
  4. Spain treasure hunting ship

    Does anybody have any current information in regard to Spain building a treasure hunting ship? Hopefully they are building it to go out and recover all the mercury they lost at sea before all of it turns into methyl mercury and gets into the food chain!
  5. Cape Canaveral Shipwreck finds

    Is there a chance that the court would live screen the next court appearance. Tim Run with the dogs and you catch the fleas!
  6. Cape Canaveral Shipwreck finds

    Tim Does the truth hurt? It is hard to hide behind real documents with your name on them. Do you have anything stored at Mar-a-Lago?
  7. Why does the State of Florida give out exploration permits

    Florida Archaeologists have a serious CREDIBILITY problem starting with the Mel Fisher fiasco. I wouldn't doubt they are lobbying DeSantos to change the name of the Treasure Coast to the Takeaway Coast. If you have ever read the book I am showing a picture of you would quickly realize they are...
  8. Cape Canaveral Shipwreck finds

    TheRealTim Still waiting your reply.
  9. Shipwreck ?

    I am going to assume you are using 50 or 100 Khz side scan so the images are a good distance away. Do a closer up run on the locations. If the location is off Cape Canaveral maybe it is space rocket material?
  10. Cape Canaveral Shipwreck finds

    Tim Would you please provide us here on with first 4 forms of any communication with any French attache, Embassy or government. Also can you make sure to include the names and government department that sent the communication. Floida government Archaeologists have a SERIOUS...

    A little off script but I will ask anyway because some of you who replied might have an answer to my questions. When Ferdinand and Imelda were evacuated from the Philippines to Hawaii in 1986 by the US Air Force and loaded 400 crates of about a cubic yard each. I have never been able to find a...

    Be aware that the Japanese had a major salvage effort in the Pacific back in about 1962. They knew which ships had gold on board and went back to recover them.
  13. Dominican Republic Pewter Shipwreck

    I am just amazed at the quality of the pewter pieces. Were they packed in something or close to some other sacrificial anode material?
  14. Bob Marx list

    Having fought an Admiralty suit against RM, I can tell you his lies were endless. Also having sat beside and talked to a person who was with RM when he bought porcelain at an Indonesian antique shop and claimed it was off the Flor Del Mar shipwreck, I would be VERY careful about using any of his...
  15. robert marx's clue on the 1641 fleets location of loss

    Having fought an Admiralty suit against Robert Marx with fraudulent artifacts and negative dealings with John Morris from Seahawk, I would write the Orlando Sentinel article off as total BS or scam. Have you ever read one of Robert Marx's investment portfolios? One of Marx's investors was...
  16. What happened to the San Jose off of Colombia

    I am just thinking that Spain is still trying to steal it back from Colombia. Maybe they will use their new treasure salvage vessel to recover it at night. Watch out Colombia!!!!!
  17. Pirate skeletons found in 1717 shipwreck off coast of Cape Cod (Whydah wreck)

    The bones were preserved in rum!!!

    Did you have to get permission to dive on it? Did you have a recovery permit for the artifact from Greg?
  19. Just got a very nice copy of * Lost Treasure of Florida’s Gulf Coast by Hudson

    My philosophy in general when dealing with treasure hunters; assume it is a lie unless you can prove it is correct. First hand experience by fighting an Admiralty suit against Robert Marx!!
  20. Bronze ship spike???

    I think the Archies would call this a fish hook!!!