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  1. Whites and Garrett better step it up

    Use my Tesoro Sand Shark at the beach and my AT-PRO in the dirt and I am a happy camper!!
  2. Entry level metal detector

    Great advice from the pro's! Thumb down to the section in the forum named "Metal Detecting" then go under the "Brands" section. Cruise through the various manufacturers and see what various users post regarding their experiences with various detectors. However do not formulate your decision...
  3. Washington Inaugural Button and today's Anniversary

    Fantastic! Bunch of questions and just a few; Where are you ln located? What kind of detector? Roughly where was the find? Just to name a few!!
  4. 2020 Looking for suggestions for Metal Detectors for GA

    Whatever you decide make sure you run it past Bart at Big Boy Hobby's as he will always point you in the right direction!
  5. Best gear for metal detecting?

    Make sure you charge everything and take extra battery's! I take 4 xtra double a's and a extra 9 volt just in case! They do not take up any room and the whole trip is over if a battery goes south!
  6. Handheld GPS unit suggestions?

    I have an absolute mint Garmin CS for sale, not even a scratch!
  7. Help me pick a GPS

    I have an absolute mint 60cs for sale if interested. It will do what you want with a free Garmin pc program called Basecamp.
  8. I appolgize for thi is rant, where were they when we came home?

    Welcome home to all the Vietnam Vets as you all were in "the real one"!
  9. ❎ SOLD Garmin GPSmap 60CS-Absolute Mint!

    Thanks for the PM's but it just sold!
  10. Andy Sabisch a Must Read!

    I am thinking of purchasing a 3030 but my hat is off to all you 3030 users because after reading a little over a quarter of Andy's book it seems like the 3030 can be one complicated machine! It starts off fine then you may need to put your seat belt on!!
  11. Andy Sabisch a Must Read!

    I posted here regarding the possibility of me purchasing a 3030 so I decided to start by reading Andy's book. Wow what an eye opener! The book is a MUST read in order to really understand the machine. I say this as if you are not aware of the factory presets you will be missing numerous targets...
  12. Army Security Agency

    Welcome fellow ASA'er! I was supposed to go to Nam but at the last minute I was reassigned to Ethiopia! How in the world did that happen?
  13. Army Security Agency

    Sounds fantastic! I was also in the right place at the right time as I made SSGT in just under three years while I was in Asmara Ethiopia. I was there for a year and a half and finished my enlistment at Vint Hill Farms in Virginia in 68. At that time NASA was hiring a lot of us ASA'er's mainly...
  14. Army Security Agency

    Joe, The more I read about you guys looks like we were both doing pretty close to the same thing! First you had to score very high on your entrance exams to be considered which was the same with the ASA. Then getting cleared for a top secret cryptographic clearance then schooling and out into...
  15. Army Security Agency

    Joe looks like another super interesting occupational skill! Crete, wow what an assignment as it looks like there were troops in the most interesting locations! The USAFSS, what an elite group!
  16. Who has the best price on the bundle with both coils?

    Whatever they come out with the ONLY place to make a purchase is from Bart at Big Boy Hobbies!!
  17. Garrett AT Pro Coil Question

    The stock coil has been ok but gonna try out a nel storm this year!
  18. Changing Coils

    Javadroid, That is why I hunted that down because I as well have a nel storm and want to give it a try this year! That email was sent to a guy named Ben and I just found it.
  19. Changing Coils

    I found it!
  20. Changing Coils

    I just found this from Garrett! Thanks for being a Garrett customer and thanks for your patience . I certainly agree with you that $800.00 worth of product needs to be doing the job right ! I want to help you with that .That being said , it could just be your sensitivity is too high. I like...