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  1. Gold Tellurides

    Roasting magnetic black sands to recover gold = my experience and research has yielded 3+ ounces of alloyed platinum / gold/ silver pickers nuggets and fines from a coffee can full of black sand magnetics ... First put the black sands through a rock crusher or even better a Cobra Crusher and...
  2. 💵 FOR SALE GoldDriller Auger sampler drill unit

    Golddriller auger sample rig for sale . Drill 4 inch - 6 inch or up to 8 inch auger sample holes for locating gold pockets or veins. visit The GoldDriller for information and all you prospecting & mining supplies.
  3. Fist Full of Nuggets!

    looks like retirement savings starting here...
  4. Boom! And there was preciv!

    excellent find
  5. First military button!!!:)

    nice find
  6. Backyard find

    great find
  7. First Gold!

    nice find
  8. FOR EVERYONE, experienced and non-experienced, What do you know about gold?

    Gold in nature is not always 100% pure. Is mostly not pretty and shiny . Is often alloyed with other impurities. And most all of you guys throw away more precious metals than what you think you do.. TRY using a microscope more often on your CONS and SEE what you are really THROWING AWAY...
  9. my finds

    my finds This nugget pictured front and back side , is the size of a molar tooth .
  10. Chem trails,theres NO debate!!

    first the grid is formed (sprayed_) then HAARP pours on the juice ,.. instant weather adjustments ,..
  11. Mining platinum

    Roast,.. grind,.. classify ,.. pan it out

    we all need to learn to play and behave together,... other wise you will be learning to behave and play with the communist china ,.. Just say no to China ,.. and quit buying China garbage that is proven to break ,.. you know this ,. come on America get your act together !!!!
  13. my oldest coin to date

  14. Newbie first time finds!

    good deal !!