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  1. Google Earth Prospector Episode One- The Stuart Brown Lost Creek Mine Location

    Hello All, Here is a video that I made about one of the possible locations for the lost creek mine here in British Columbia. It was featured in the new show Deadman's Curse. Have a watch and tell me what you think.
  2. Is it Tailings or Glacial Till?

  3. The Search for the Lost Mine of Pitt Lake

    Hello Curse Breakers, Yes we did make it.. IT was incredible.. Right Taylor. D
  4. Lost Mine Gold in a Photograph

    Hello All, I have been involved in a quest for a lost mine here in British Columbia for sometime and was studying and blowing up my old photos and found something VERY interesting to say the least. Anywhere here are the photos. So there are quartz veins I hear that like to reflect back yellow...
  5. The Lost Gold of Padre Larue and Victorio Peak and a Treasure Hunters Papers

    Hello, While I was going through my archive of research I found some old papers of a treasure hunter named Oren Swegerton? One of the documents is a map showing the entrance to la Rues cave of gold deep inside the White Sands missle range. Anyway I made a vid about it. Have a watch.
  6. Karl Von Mueller and the Treasure of the Valley of Secrets

    Hello All, I made a video about Karl and the Treasure of the Valley of Secrets. Some of you old school treasure hunters out there will find it interesting. Have a watch.
  7. Lost emeralds of the Inca: Treasure hunters pursue a legend deep into Ecuador’s jungl

    Reading that story made me want to head to Columbia in search of Emerald Mines. But sounds more dangerous nowadays than going in search of Tayopa. There is always some danger one has to deal with to get to real treasure areas these days. Too bad it always seems to be in areas controlled by...
  8. Seekers of the Lost Creek Mine

    Hello, I have recorded an audio clip from a book I have just finished called Seekers of the lost creek mine. The book is a fictional adventure that takes place in real historical locations connected to the famous lost creek mine. Characters are also very real but some names have been...
  9. Seekers of the Lost Creek Mine

  10. Google Earth Prospector Episode One: The Stuart Brown Lost Creek mine location

    Hello, For those who have never heard of the Lost Creek mine, it's a famous lost gold mine here in Southern British Columbia. I made a video about one of the locations connected with the Prospector Stuart Brown who claimed to take nuggets out of the mine back in 1974. Have a watch...
  11. Spanish treasure marker in British Columbia

    Hello, I have done lots of searching for BCS lost creek mine here in BC and at one of the locations, I found the following mark made on a really hard piece of granite in a canyon that is very gold bearing as well. Does it look like a Spanish treasure marker to you? Treasure and Gold...
  12. Something New About the LUE

    Here is the front of the rock with the mark in the back in the other photo. PLus one more close up of the mark on the rock. The tool that was used was even left there. What is it? www.spindlequest/treasureleads.html
  13. Something New About the LUE

    Here are two pics of a mark carved in one of tentshaped rocks. Why carve a mark in hard granite unless you have a good reason. We found the rock during the filming of Curse but was not investigated as they "producers" had drama to film.. I knew the mark was important as hell at the time we...
  14. Something New About the LUE

    In one of our British Columbia lost treasures the lost creek mine there maybe an all seeing eye symbol connected to it. When I was in a Cessna doing recon for a location I took the following photo If you blow it up you can kinds see an eye. Searching for the lost creek mine
  15. The Wandering Prospector 23- The Curse Awakens

    It was an epic and adventure and I still do have the great ground...Its just a matter of getting back up there without TV finish what i started.
  16. The Wandering Prospector 23- The Curse Awakens

    Hello, Yes, I was a main cast member. You might say star even.
  17. The Wandering Prospector 23- The Curse Awakens

    Wow, this is why I don't bother. You think I had control over Curse bahaaa..they fly where they want to go you watch the vid I am trying to make my own vid that's real while filming and I get stopped..Why don't you put your camera down Daryl? Watch the video before you judge it. D
  18. The Wandering Prospector 23- The Curse Awakens

    Hello, I have been a treasure hunter and a prospector for many years or more some of you may know me some of you may hate me but I had the chance to be involved in a reality TV show called Curse of the Frozen Gold. Many of you may have watched it as well or maybe not regardless while I was...
  19. Curse of the Frozen Gold New Gold Prospecting Show

    Think there is any gold left here waiting to be found? I know that I do. Daryl Treasure and Gold Prospecting leads in British Columbia
  20. The Curse of the Black Sand

    Here is one more journey around gold country here in British Columbia. Can't wait to try metal detecting near the ruins on the ridge in the vid. Treasure and Gold Prospecting leads in British Columbia