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  1. What to do with a season's worth of gold dust and pickers

    Use Borax brand Borax. the other Borax hardly has any Borax in the stuff.
  2. What to do with a season's worth of gold dust and pickers

    Here ya go. Enough for a few goes!
  3. Vintage Fisher M-Scope questions

    I know Dollar short and Years Late. You don't need the 67V batteries. You can replace them with a Bucking Circuit. Aka Voltage Converter.
  4. Can someone tell me what this is?

    Deer Antler still attached to a bit of skull.
  5. every run into problems with weed growers, CA gold country?

    When I lived in Arizona, I drove up on a Cessna down loading bales of None Hay. LOL They Freaked, I Freaked and I spun around and got to hell out of there. They was loading into two trucks. Yep, you CAN be in the wrong place at the Wrong Time. I been traveling those trails for years...
  6. Camp cody

    Good Deal. I live 2 miles from the camp. Found a 1912 Canadian 5 Cent peace out there. Parts are fenced off now.
  7. Mercury poisoning

    Horse Crap! He Must have at about 500lb of Contaminated Fish to get dosed that bad. And Played with it. And have Fillings. And Oh Never mind.
  8. What is this?

    Looks like a Bottle Opener to me.
  9. USB device to magnify??

    If you twist out the lens so it's just about to fall out on a regular Web cam you can do this.
  10. ??? Possible Over Wash 1715 Fleet Shipwreck Sites ???

    Back in the 80's stationed at Patrick AFB I found a few of Mels sites by Book. LOL remember Books (BI) Before InterNet? I took three of my buddies to one and between them they found 11 Reales. I found None. Do you think they would have given me one for the Trip? Yea right. Lesson Learned...
  11. 7 million in gold

    You just never know who the guy next door is, Eaaaa?
  12. RAW GOLD, Whats IT worth?

    Or Pick it with a pin. If it flakes it Pyrites.
  13. Amazing rare WW2 UV light lamp designed to help wounded soldiers!

    Looks like a Mercury Vapor Lamp. Cool find there. UV Does in fact KILL Bacteria. ( Appearantly they onced believed that UV light can help heal a wound quicker.) You can buy smaller units now to Sterilize your Cell phones and other objects. Try some Rocks under it to see if they...
  14. Vintage Garrett metal detector still works!

    BFO/s Not much to them. You can get the audio working. If it has a Ear Phone Jack jack in and out of it a few times to see if the Speaker starts working. See if the Ear Phones work.
  15. Why Pan???

    If you don't us a Pan I be your walking over 100 time the gold you find.
  16. Is it normal for sterling to pull gently to a rare earth magnet?

    No but Stainless Steel will do that.
  17. need help to id a few things

    Round do dad a Bell? Other a Whistel.
  18. Survey-Who out there is unemployed?

    Living in a small town we know for a fact that unemployment here is over 25%
  19. 1982 Penny can you tell if it is copper or zinc by holding it in your hand

    You can tell just by looking! LOL Copper/Zinc pennies have a nice soft color. Zinclons have a shine brighter then a new Copper penny.