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  1. relic hunter attacked by alligator

    There are some interesting/concerning posts on the Florida fossil Facebook pages about this. This individual has a YouTube site showing him petting alligators on the head - now taken down. There are other encounters shown on his videos. The narrative has been called into question. I have...
  2. A friend might buy this soon...

    I have no idea what am waiting to hear responses.
  3. I had a bit of luck this morning.

    Thanks Garscale. It was certainly a very good day for me. The one is a Savannah River, I believe, and I'm not sure on the bifurcate. I was getting tired and almost didn't go on to the place where I found that second point (Savannah River). I'm sure glad I did. Both points made it to my...
  4. I found a drill

    Thanks. I'm working on it (that's the fun part!). I've been very lucky this year.
  5. I had a bit of luck this morning.

    We had some rain in the past week and the river was up and now back down. I'm glad I got out today as I found a couple that are some of the nicer points I've found. I also found some pottery, a big blade base and a 1917 dime.
  6. Pot Shards I've Glued and Framed

    These are great! How far apart were the sherds you pieced together? Found at same time or different hunts?
  7. 8-22-20 hunt

    All nice finds but that Bolen is killer. Congrats
  8. I found a drill

    I enjoy the fossils too.
  9. I found a drill

    They are all Virginia finds. Thanks for the thoughts on the brown point.
  10. Blue and purple point

    Sweet point!
  11. I found a drill

    Haha! Sis
  12. I found a drill

    I finally found a drill that wasn't snapped off. This has some base damage but the tip is there. I also found a couple of decent points. All in all, a nice day on the river. Virginia finds. edit - not sure why the pictures are sideways. Apologies.
  13. Found my first point!!!!

    Congratulations! I about went crazy when I found my first point.
  14. Jacks Reef

    I don't believe there is any Knox chert anywhere close to me. I think it's from a few hundred miles away but not entirely sure. I found this point in Northern Virginia.
  15. Jacks Reef

    I'll give it a try!
  16. Jacks Reef

    Thanks Tn! Yes, it's the pentagonal. It's the only one I have found.
  17. Jacks Reef

    I found this a few days ago. It's one of the prettiest points I have found. I'm told it is Knox chert and it's the first of that material for me.
  18. White quartz

    Thank you sandchip. High praise indeed.
  19. White quartz

    Thank you. I was happy to find them.
  20. White quartz

    I think that about 1/3 of what I find is white quartz. They are either common here...or my old eyes can see them better.