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  1. Military button? Can someone possibly verify it for me

    There was a 19th regiment in the continental army and a 19th infantry which fought in several battles in the War of 1812? Your button doesn't look French and doesn't look like the British 19th which fought in the revolutionary war and who mostly served in South Carolina. That's why I was...
  2. Military button? Can someone possibly verify it for me

    In what state was it found?
  3. British Rev War Button - 19th reg't of foot

    Been a hot minute since I've posted on here. Haven't been able to get out and get my hands dirty in a while. Finally got a chance to get out though and hit a spot I've had some luck with a buddy about 8 years ago. Believe it was an outpost or camp site for the 19th regiment and 3rd regiment...
  4. Something Cool.....Something Creepy

    That doll head is the creepiest thing I've ever seen on this site. No chance I would bring that thing back with me. That's how horror movies start. Cool brooch though!
  5. Conch Shell Horn

    Never seen anything like that. Very curious what the others on this board can tell from it. Looks like a Florida or Caribbean conch shell. Don't see many like it from further north than Florida.
  6. 81 regiment of foot...

    Very cool find. Thanks for sharing it!
  7. Pre Civil War US baby plate with soldiers initials carved in back, scarcer lettering

    The soldiers' initials make this a banner post in my book. My vote is in!
  8. Interesting site Confederate I Button and some ?s

    The round item possibly made of brass looks like an oar lock for a row boat.
  9. Cleaned up Union Officers Infantry Coat Button

    Great recovery and restoration. Thanks for sharing that
  10. Digging 1800/1700s site

    Brass piece looks like the base plate of a small oil filled lantern to me. Nice finds!
  11. πŸ₯‡ BANNER KMA Cartridge Box Plate

    Never seen one of those posted here. Excellent find and I'd say pretty rare. Bet that was a screamer when you ran your coil over it. Thanks for sharing!
  12. I stumbled upon another Shellmound on the other side of the Fort

    Is the mystery piece made of lead? It looks like a crude pencil/writing device. I've found some like it at early sites in coastal SC.
  13. Cut Spanish silver

    Pieces of eight! You possibly got yourself some pirate treasure. Excellent find!

    Incredible find. Odd location makes me wonder if it was a gravesite marker?
  15. Colonial Lead Decorative Object

    They're sometimes referred to as whiligigs or whizzers as well. See them made out of coins sometimes. Cool find.
  16. I found a killer "INDEPENDENCE, UNITY & PROSPERITY" button today !!

    Very cool find. I'm gonna put a banner vote in for that one. Just don't see em. Thanks for sharing it.
  17. Oldest coin so far

  18. Queens Regiment 1st American Button

    Great find. Thanks for sharing. Love those rev war artifacts and especially cool when you can pinpoint the story behind why it got where you found it.