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  1. I Call My Rig the Nox 800+

    Sweet set up👍

    I MADE A YOUTUBE VIDEO !!! Since clearwater beach is such a busy place i thought i would brush the dust of my teknetics delta 4000 and give it a go.
  3. NIGHT VISION Metal Detecting Clearwater Beach, Fl.

  4. How to take care of a metal detector!

  5. Newbie here, Tampa bay Fl area

    This site is so nice. I love finding treasure and hearing about everyones good fortune. I want to say thanks to the creators of this site they have done a great job. I would also like to say "stay positive guys you'll find something great!"
  6. Newbie here, Tampa bay Fl area

    Thank everyone for all the tips, does anyone know the best machine for wet sand gold hunting. I turn my sensitivity down all the way but sometimes i think it tunes out the small gold.
  7. Newbie here, Tampa bay Fl area

    First off i just wanted to thank the creators of this site, i have learned some great tips even before becoming a member. My friends and family also enjoy all of the info, alot of great reads throughout this site. I enjoy metal detecting so much i created a youtube channel. In my videos i show...