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    Glad to see your using that new deus, maybe you will keep up with me now........:icon_thumleft:
  2. Old home site --a few buckles, gun parts...

    Looks like an old cap gun and maybe a piece of a weathervane? I like them buckles! Save all mine and use picture frame nails to hang em in the barn
  3. 42 wheaties in one hole

    Why would anyone leave free money and walk away? Hmm
  4. ๐Ÿฅ‡ BANNER Flowing Hair Half Dime -- Off the fantasy bucket list - With video

    Dude! You never cease to amaze me I wish I could find half the stuff I see you guys dig, congrats I'm sure Kurt and bob are jealous, I know I am! Kyle-
  5. keys

    Nice! I save all my keys new or old those are some good keepers
  6. โœ… SOLVED What is It?

    That would go on the end of a wooden dowel basically, one on each side. The hooks are for reigns
  7. My oldest coin by 207 years, and a free drumstick!

    All I can say is wow, I'll never dig one of those. You are a lucky one!
  8. Awesome Seated Dime !!

    Nice seated! I like seeing the deus in the background too ��
  9. Almost lost a toe

    I have trapped since I was around 10 years old, my 9 year old has some of his own too, it's a great hobby to get young ones outdoors, the first set I tough my boy how to do he cought a beautiful red fox. And now it hangs on the wall and he shows it to every newcomer
  10. Wasn't skunked

    I love barbers but I don't find them too often good job!
  11. Always check the field.

    Love the pictures, I agree most people are focused in one area
  12. Weekend's Silver Coin Spill

    Yeah I'd be happy with that haul it's been a while since I dug multiple silver in one hunt
  13. 1800's suspender clip and military button

    Reminds me of a picture frame but looks like it's very thin. Like the clip, I keep all the ones I dig. You must be on a good site Keep Digging!
  14. Finally SPRING, first silver for 2017

    I really want to dig a railroad button, that thing is sweet!
  15. Back at the settlement again. Fun Day!

    That pointed dagger looking piece is called a rock guard, it goes on the underside of a sickle bar mower for mowing hay, also old pull type combines had them on too basically the bar is made up of knives that slide back and forth and that piece is the other half of the scissors so to speak.
  16. Small tribe of early Indians made my day!

    I love it when they come out green! Nice coins
  17. My year has been so good I may as well quit now another bucket list relic! Pic heavy!

    Ok I started off in the morning taking my Cora with me to look for campsites and bottles along an old railroad bed owned by a friend of mine. Also searched through the farm dumps on the property as well, Cora was very excited when she saw an old loader amongst the iron and wanted to drive it. We...
  18. My first standing liberty quarter!

    Nice detail on that coin, I still am waiting for that one to pop up, but with the year I'm having I'll find it soon! Great job! Love that school house too
  19. Tons of silver and 1700's paper currency?

    A friend of mines father passed and while going through thing he found this stuff and asked me what it is and it's value but I haven't the foggiest idea, hoping you all can help. The second picture is breathtaking...hopefully I will own all of this soon but we need to figure out what it is and a...
  20. First horseshoe

    I have an addiction to horse shoes... I have no idea why but I save all of them