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  1. Something made out of lead, not magnetic what is it?

    Chunk of lead pipe repurposed for a sinker would be my guess.
  2. Chinese cash coin?

    Neat find. Some of those are rather old.
  3. ✅ SOLVED Leaning toward lipstick tube...

    Maybe it was plated and the plating wore off??? My guess would be lipstick tube as well.
  4. what is this

    Yep I believe we have a winner!!! Neat find!!!

    Pretty slick edge I'd say it was a dryer coin rather being hammered.
  6. Why ancient Brits threw out their most valuable possession.

    Interesting read. I have always thought about the hoards of bent swords that are found and wondered if they were testing the swords and just leaving the poorly made and badly tempered ones. I wonder if these bronze hoards are the same way and thats why the tools were broken before being...
  7. 1835 Home Finds

    Neat finds!!!

    The copper 9mm one is modern. 1900 or newer. The other one looks older and is possibly a 38-40 which is 40 caliber/10mm. Thats my guess anyways. Neat finds!!!
  9. One more ox shoe, large pick, and misc

    That pick just needs a handle!!! The gear is pretty neat!!!
  10. Is this a bullet ?

    Looks like a bullet. Its probably a muzzle loader CVA Deerslayer.
  11. What is this ? How old is it ? Period to the motel that stood there ?

    I believe that was for using plumbing pipe as a ground for electrical systems. Not sure on the age.
  12. Found and Restored: 17th Century Biscayne Trade Axe!!!

    Neat find!!! Its awesome that you were able to find the mark and identify it!!!
  13. First find, New England Axe Head.

    What I think you have there is an early 1800's axe. The blade part looks to be a separate piece from the back. In the old days good Steel was expensive and they would use it for the cutting edge and have Iron for the rest. I have a meat cleaver made that way with a still blade edge adn the...
  14. Old beer barrel

    Neat find!!!
  15. GW Inaugural Button

  16. 3 Stone Gold Ring

    Nice Find!!!
  17. 3 tiny bits

    Neat finds!!!
  18. More cannon stuff

    I don't think thats a swivel gun. Looks more like a Carronade or like this 2 pounder