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  1. Old Glass Cup

    Finally found it! Made by Model Flint Glass Co. from about 1890 to 1902.
  2. Must be how some see us

    I feel pretty safe in saying that the people who say we are profiting off of others misfortunes wouldn't walk off and leave a diamond ring or hundred dollar bill lying on the ground if they happened to see one. Just my opinion, which ain't worth much lol.
  3. 10K Gold Stick Pin - Era or Period Details?

    I'm guessing late Victorian or Art Nouveau. But I'm wrong a lot. :laughing7:
  4. Old Glass Cup

    It's a nice example of Early American Pattern Glass. I am guessing this one to be from the 1880's to 1890's. I will try to flip through a few reference books and see if I can find the pattern name for you later this week. There is a good website about this type of glass if you are interested...
  5. New guy from Kentucky

    Welcome from Tennessee! :hello:
  6. Virginia Beach vacation finds

    Love those rings!
  7. Platinum ring!!!!

  8. July 6 two more gold

    Nice! Love the one with the blue stone.
  9. Confederate NC Starbust button today!!!

    That is one sweet button! Glad you were able to check that one off the list.
  10. 10k "O" :) with 21 diamonds carat plus total

    Nice! That makes me want to go beach hunting.
  11. First silver, ring and spoon

    Nice hunt! I really like that ring.
  12. Tomorrows my Debut!

    Good luck!
  13. You can call me Iron Man

    Interesting finds. "Lock Magnet" might be another name for you this week lol. I'm looking forward to seeing how that huge padlock turns out after the vinegar.
  14. A Farmhouse Ring

    Nice! I think you are right - looks like mother of pearl.
  15. Guess what...#43 from the pond

    Nice going, Kent! Sure do wish I could find a pond like that lol.
  16. Went To The Hunted Out Beach AND!!!!

    Love the lion! What a great hunt!
  17. A couple of recent finds

    Nice finds! I'd love to find a ring like that.
  18. Panfora Birthstone Ring

    Sweet find!