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  1. WOW ! Just WOW !

    Jay Leno had this bit when he hosted the Tonight Show called J-Walking. Same this but done on College Campuses. When a child comes home with homework, the parent should look over their shoulder to see what is happening. You can't just fault the teachers, the parents also have a responsibility...
  2. Todays haul

    Keep going back there, where there are Wheats, there's Silver. Trust me, been there.
  3. How old are you ?

  4. Metal Detectors are being sold on Ebay with implied brand Names.

    I was looking through Ebay and came across metal detectors listed with implied Brand Names. Take this...
  5. Legend and Deus drama on YouTube - productive or poor use of everyone's time?

    You know what makes any brand of metal dector great. The USER. That's it. All the bells and whistles don't mean a damn thing if you don't know what you're doing. It's like arguing about which is a better guitar, Fender or Gibson. I'm still using a Whites DFX and I've found Rings, Silver, and...
  6. Notka makro LEGEND detector issues

    Thanks, will do.👍
  7. Notka makro LEGEND detector issues

    I was just about to pull the trigger on this machine, but now I'm confused. I've seen reviews of this machine on YouTube, by several other people and none have stated anything about any major issues. Can someone point me to where I can read up on this or view the video?
  8. It was a really strange morning!

    Re: It was a really strange moring! Where there are wheat pennies, theres bound to be silver. Take a weed whacker with you and clear a nice size area take your time and search. Of course get permission to clear the area first from the owner. Good Luck.
  9. Explorer Onslaught/12 Hour Hunt-08-17.....

    Why to go. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  10. Sundays Hunt 1.5 miles in the woods

    Re: Sunday's Hunt 1.5 miles in the woods Get back there and find where the outhouse use to be. :thumbsup:
  11. EXcelerator Searchcoil

    I have a Whites DFX and am thinking of gettitng the 8" EXcelerator Searchcoil from KellyCo. Anyone have this coil? On a DFX or any other machine.
  12. XLT OR DFX

    I have been MDing since 1983. All of my machines have been Whites, except for a SiverSaber that I got for use on the beach, way back in the day, due to it's light weight. My last machine was a 6000-DI Pro and am now swinging a DFX. I can't comment on the XLT since I've never used one, but the...