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  1. 1944 mercury dime and possibly peice of trumpit from Jerry Lee Lewis band.

    found a 1944 mercury dime and end piece of a trumpit n the same area Jerry lee Lewis hung out and performed on many occasions. Place is littered with old style pull tabs. Brother has found cple 1940s quarters as well at same location. Unfortuntly place has been pounded by other metal detectors n...
  2. Found 1907 Barber Dime

    Found this baby with the F2 bout 8 inches dwn. *th r 9th r 10th silver i found since i got the f2 a month r so ago. Kinda behind on postings but will get around to it. Gotta dig those faint signals. My barber dime and mercs r coming n quite reguarly now. This is the most worn barber that i have...
  3. metal detecting clubs

    me and u both kid lol. gonna hit the library tmw. they say u gotta do ur homework and research to find the good spots in ur cit
  4. First gold! 14K bracelet

    what did it read as?
  5. dyersburg, tn area metal detecting buddy needed

    Im n ripley and wld like someone to detect with as well. I go to dyersburg a lot.
  6. New member - new to MDing - Missouri

    im in ripley tn its 55 miles north of memphis...
  7. 1905 S Barber dime hit it with my digging tool

  8. New member checking in

    thanks for the info there will keep that n mind.
  9. New member checking in

    welcome to this great site and courious y u upgraded from the f2? I just started mding this month and on my 2nd set of batterys with the f2 and love it. I kno its a beginner machine but y did u get the urge to upgrade and gl and thank u.
  10. Abandoned church gave up coin after coin.

    Srry bout the the low quality pic but the oldest out of them all is 1931 wheatie and brother found a 1941 quarter thats not pictured. Only his 2nd day metal detecting. Me i have ran one set of batterys threw my f2.
  11. water break

    always thought about looking for gold by dredgeing. I worked on a cutter suction dredge on the Ms river for 13 yrs before i hurt my bak and was forced to do other work. We didnt look for gold tho we dug out the channels for ships and towboats. Do u guys ever find much gold? its was a 25 inch...
  12. Why is the AACA expo a no go this year?

    wut part of west tn? Im in ripley tn its 55 miles north of memphis
  13. water break

    gold pan?
  14. Librairy Fail

    :icon_scratch: So i took yalls advice and went to the librairy yesterday and got a lirairy card and was so excited. Well after getting the card i asked cld i b pointed to the local history of my town and she said rite this way but only thing is these books can not b checked out!!! Dangit!! But...
  15. trouble with my ace 250

    im new and wear stell toe boots:dontknow: No wonder my detector been blasting with every step i take lol. If i disc out iron on my f2 u think it will cut out the noise? i wld check but the detector is n my room mates car at her work. And the only other boots i have r shoes is knee hi snake proof...
  16. ✅ SOLVED Big button...military?

    found one here n tn today to. not sure wut it is. Hey wait mine is the same as urs Wow odd huh lol? U find any info on it yet?
  17. Another mystery piece

    Thats great!!! Hope it is war world 2ish military that wld b awesome!!!
  18. 8-hour dig, possible rev belt buckle - UPDATED

    hey i have this in what it is fourm but it sure does look a lot like urs....before u cleaned it.Gonna try the viniger trick on lots of mystery items and old coins thanks for the tip btw!!
  19. Another mystery piece

    this goes onlong with my other thread. has a eagle on it with looks like arrows in his feet. Has least one word on bak cant make it out but im thinking it says woodville thats the lil town i was n.came from a abanded home site i was at.oh and srry bout the sideways pic lol im new at this.And i...
  20. What is this????

    :icon_scratch: Ok dug these up where a old school once stood and where a old house once was. Dug serveral 1950s wheatys at this same location....Thanks guys.