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  1. Flask time

    My only embossed flask... dates to late 1870s.
  2. Kansas U Engineering pendant....age? value?

    Thanks. The end is solid. No machining of any kind.. More google searching shows it to be similar to a fraternity key, but i can't find anything associated with KU
  3. 🥇 BANNER Stunning Marked Napoleonic Era British Volunteer Corps Cross Belt Plate!!!

    WOWWW!!!!!! Spectacular! Congrats on your beautiful banner find.
  4. Kansas U Engineering pendant....age? value?

    I would like to know the approximate value and age of this KU Engineering Council pendant. It measures 3/4" x 1/2". It was found in a box of costume jewelry, and while the jewelry had slight corrosion due to the humid climate, this pendant had none. That makes me dream that it could be...
  5. Illinois bird points

    Excellent finds!! In what part of ILL-inois do you metal detect on farm sites??...just want to know who has been pokin' around on my hunting turf :argue: :icon_biggrin: I MD farm sites as well, mainly in Cass, Sangamon, and Christian counties, but won't be hunting those productive...
  6. Paw print fossil??

    Thank you both for the replies. Great information, OTB...makes sense
  7. Stunning 1870's Coin and Weapons Cache Found in Arizona

    Nice find. Here comes the tax man....but that's what they get for 'talkin' IF it's legit.
  8. The few Seated coins I've found in 25 yrs of part-time MD'ing (and a few other favorite finds)

    ...and i do mean few. Hopefully the count will go up since retirement earlier in the year. No more work related excuses for not hunting. All 3 dimes are from the same home site, which is now an overgrown lot that is best hunted in early Spring...after the thaw and before the tall weeds. Both...
  9. Whole POCKET FULL of Seateds!

    Fantastic finds!!! Love the 1839. That's my kind of hunt site too. My only seateds are 3 dimes.. all were found at the same 1800's farm site
  10. Paw print fossil??

    Is this impression that of a paw?? Or maybe some type of plant?? It measure 2" at the widest point, and was found in Missouri...maybe a mile west of Black River. Thanks for any help!
  11. Please ID & date this military rivet

    That was my first thought, but it will not separate. There are no serrations on the smooth side for turning to separate. The center is flat and solidly attached to both 'pieces'. With good lighting and a loupe i can see that this is one piece. More pics...
  12. Please ID & date this military rivet

    I would like some info on this rivet (assuming that's what it is...found it in a box of miscellaneous items from an estate sale), like its age, what military branch, etc.. Would it be brass, or bronze? Would also like to know what part of a uniform this rivet would be used on. The space or gap...
  13. Requesting help from Chicago Bears historions

    I lived and worked in Springfield Il. and for years had collected anything related to city or Sangamon County history....including this picture postcard of the 1919-1920 champion football team of Sangamon and Morgan Counties. I would like to know if anyone from this team had afterwards...
  14. Treasure hunter reportedly finds $46K under floorboards in Massachusetts home

    probably less than what the feds or state will want out of it. #1 rule when large amounts of money/treasure are found...Shut Up
  15. My Railroad Baggage Tags - post yours here!!

    Beautiful tags, everyone!! Great finds. Your tag is related to this tag that I dug up near lake Springfield (a few yards from where the avatar trime was found). Yazoo & Mississippi Valley Railroad. The logo dates 1896-1923.
  16. Old foundations over the years, what to look for

    At some sites that I hunt the foundation area is easy to spot because it is sunken. Probably filled with dirt or building debris that has decomposed and settled over time. Other sites have raised areas where brick homes were torn down and the foundation was filled with bricks that won't...
  17. Ornate brass plated ____???

    Thanks. The home site where the items were found is marked on the 1874 plat book, but not on the 1904 plat.
  18. Ornate brass plated ____???

    That has to be what it is. Thanks