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  1. Are freshly turned over fields really that good?

    freshly churned up finds and potentially easier digging would be my guesses.
  2. Cleaning clad

    if you do the rock tumbler thing with any kind of lemon juice or cleaner separate out your pennies and do them separate. I did a mixed load and some of the coins came out pink.
  3. hit a tot lot

    I saw people outside wearing shorts today here in Indiana. Time to dust off the detecting gear. :)
  4. A funny thing happened at the park... the teenagers realized THEIR hobby is worse...

    I catch my "adult" co workers playing this on the job to kill time. This is good for us though, if they are out wandering around not paying attention they are probably dropping fresh finds here and there.
  5. Professional underwater Mercury metal detector

    order your machine from another country where its cheaper and import it. is that an option? or... if you are handy with electronics you can make your own from a kit or from scratch. check youtube vids under the search term "surfmaster PI kit"
  6. Hunting Cemeteries...whats your option

    let the resting rest in peace is my motto. I want to spend as little time as possible in those places while I'm still alive.
  7. Need based finds are great too....

    be careful with mr. puppers nails on your new leather. Leather scratches pretty easily. I got a nice leather sofa from a friend a couple years ago, and my cat decided it liked to puncture the armrest with her claws. I didn't notice it until it was too late, and she managed to pull some...
  8. Got some Sterling and cutco. Need some help.

    I had a brief stint selling cutco knives as a young man. I ended up buying the display kit I used from them, which contained a few knives, a couple of which are the outside ones in your pic above. Some selling points that may be worth mentioning are that these are full tang knives meaning the...

    probably my favorite thing in chop suey is those chestnuts. they are delicious with a little soy sauce.
  10. Sifting with Isaac - 1811 Half Cent, Scissors, buttons and more..

    awesome finds! I'd like to suggest that you post a how-to thread on constructing your sifter. I found a trash pit on my property and pulled out a few keepers just by eye but I'd love to sift it.
  11. Found today.. something

    I'm guessing its from a cosmetic of some sort. I found a metal lipstick tube before. go back to that area if you can, the other part is probably still there nearby. I found both halves of mine about 10 feet apart, probably hit by a mower at some point.
  12. Found in the kitchen.

    I want cake now!
  13. I found USA coins in Saudi Arabia desert

    That's our deposit for all the crude oil barrels. We'll need that back once they are emptied and returned. In all seriousness, that is a five cent coin commonly referred to as a nickle, due to its metal composition. Unfortunately it's hardly worth the metal its made from.
  14. Pot Head Detectorist

    I smoke, have for years. I can still function and do whatever it is that needs to be done, perhaps a little more slowly or cautiously. Never been much of a drinker, I get too stupid and risky on booze.
  15. Purchasing guns online

    im pretty sure you can look yourself up on the fbi website and see your record. I know for certain you can if you fail the background check for any reason.
  16. 3oz Pendant

    what is the hold up on having it professionally tested in person? You've had it for years wondering and hoping. drop by a jeweler and get it over with.
  17. Detectorists

    I watched season 1 over the winter out of boredom. it was interesting enough to keep watching but I could have done without all the sappy love story crap.
  18. got permission to hunt dozens of acres of fields today

    yeah I was thinking that had I asked him to hunt the land prior to asking him to sell it to me he might have said no. either way, I'm ready for the fall harvest ASAP!
  19. got permission to hunt dozens of acres of fields today

    what a nice day. I got some work done in the yard, and while I was out there a farmer who was out spraying weeds in his field stopped by to see what I was doing. (I'm building a small shed in the back yard, I guess that peaked his interests) We got to talking, and apparently he lived in my...
  20. 🥇 BANNER FOUND 1st GOLD COIN!!! $5 1910

    congratulations that's what we all hope to find sometime!