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  1. Can Rechargeable AA's be recharged in the pod with the Minelab Charger?

    Unfortunately you’ll have to remove them unless you remove the chip from an old pack and solder in place
  2. The Trash We Dig

    Agree! Unless it’s fresh drop season!
  3. minicab excal replacement head phones

    Also believe if you want original Koss yellow phones with new end cap they’re about $75 plus half hour labor that includes the pressure test. FYI at Detector Center
  4. Garrett infinium ls

    Maybe Casper will chime in? He has had some great success with his cz-21 in VA. Believe he was at DIV a couple years ago in Culpepper.
  5. Whites Surfmaster Dual Field Coil help!

    You might want to try a can of flex seal for your cracked search coil cable. It’s my understanding as of last month VA repair center only had one DF coil in stock. Also consider buying a used back up unit. Have seen a few in the $400+ range which will probably be close to repair parts/labor if...
  6. 8" or 9" coil

    Think I read somewhere that Minelab was going to release a 8” elliptical coil for the Nox
  7. Best Christmas Ever!

    Here is the info for the 14.8v TDI pack, (510)687-0388 Also you can try Reid @, He built the battery I use. Happy Hunting!
  8. Best Christmas Ever!

    You’ll enjoy it especially if you like to dig deep holes! I too bought one for myself for Christmas and love it. It compliments my modded excal batting clean up for quiet sites. Don’t be afraid to use the pulse delay to quiet her down in the waves and currents and I recommend hunting with ground...
  9. Lost long ago in Ponte Vedra

    For real?? [emoji23]
  10. To all...

  11. south Florida beaches

    I’m over in the Naples area for the week. No lack of targets for me! 3 hunts so far though yesterday’s hunt was rough with waves and currents. Two 14 K, two 925, older sterling marked medallion and a junker stainless
  12. Spanish, Barber and Musket Hammer?

    Nice Hunts! Mexico City mint on the half reale
  13. My Equinox has died!

    Might b worth trying to update the 3.0 firmware while the unit is still on and see what happens. Can’t hurt anything
  14. Joined a New Club This Weekend - Admission Fee: $1 Dollar!

    Big congrats! Still my white whale, someday
  15. NOX Question

    Tom, if your Nox freaks out try a noise cancel then manually choose the channel that’s most stable. If you’re over a suspected bottle cap you can pump the coil up/down over the target and if the numbers go negative you can usually move on but if not dig! Plenty of gold still on the beaches there...
  16. Non--stop squawking

    You might want to try to clean out the coil cover if it’s loaded with sand it can cause what your experiencing

    Check his YouTube channel for a link to his email or FB account but check your spelling.🤔
  18. Sensitivity and small targets?

    Most of that small stuff is just below the surface and gives a shorter duration signal. If your in the wet sand just give it a quick dig/kick with your foot and smooth it out. Usually if I can’t see it I move on. With a little more time you’ll realize what your really after lies deeper and has a...
  19. Good Luck to all...

    We were thinking of you today at musket ball beach. No gold for Jim or I but each got a dozen musket balls and Jim got a 3 ringer and I got a couple Silva dimes. Be well!