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  1. Dug this along a river in Pa. About 10 inches deep. Any help will be appreciated. 3 1/4 inches by 2 1/4 inches. Thank You

    Cool buckle. Judging from the construction, I'd say it's modern. Might be a secret society sort of design on it.
  2. Hi can anybody give me some info on this that I found please.

    Agree with some of the other commenters , it looks like an iron tab or foot that has broken off of something larger.
  3. Two cent piece and possible three ringer.

    My guess is your bullet is a more modern .44 or .45 revolver bullet. Since the nose is deformed it's difficult to determine the style, but I'd say it is a "wad cutter" style. These were designed for target shooting and cut clean holes through the paper targets. Of course, they work well for...
  4. Fossil

    Your specimen is basically a fossilized section of ocean floor with an accumulation of marine fossils. I'm seeing crinoid stem sections and what I believe might be the front lip of a trilobite or possibly the edge of a brachiopod shell
  5. Unknown (to me) Rimfire Cartridge (Union Metallic Cartridge Company?)

    The firing pin indent definitely looks like a Spencer or some early cartridge conversion that chambered the Spencer round. Winchester RF rifles used rounded pins so left a characteristic "center punch" mark.
  6. Civil war spur from the mud

    Assuming your spur is a brass alloy, it COULD be straightened IF the metal is annealed first. Brass works opposite of steel or iron in that if heated to a certain temperature and quenched in water, it will become soft rather than harder. Cartridge reloaders are familiar with annealing their...
  7. ๐Ÿ’ฅIs this a part of an antique gun??๐Ÿ’ฅ

    Sharp's 4 barrel barrel, Made in .22, .30 (??), and .32 caliber. Popular with gamblers and "ladies". Deadly at short range.. further away, not so much.
  8. ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅAny area in Bethlehem PA or around for searching old coins and reliquies? ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ

    I don't know of any valuable minerals in Lehigh County. But if there are, I'm sure it's minimal. AFAIK, natural gold is scarce in PA . Some has been found in southern Lancaster County and some in York County streams. The old Cornwall Iron mine in Lebanon county was said to have produced gold...
  9. Potentially Authentic Textile?

    I agree with the others, this material is modern. Only way fabric of any kind has a chance of surviving in damp eastern soil is if it's in close proximity to copper. Copper is a natural antimicrobial so bacteria etc. can't survive near it. A perfect example is the Etowah mounds museum near...
  10. Seminole War Musket Barrel?

    Oh yeah, that has the right lumps and bumps to be percussion barrel alright. It has the tang sticking out where it would have been fastened to the stock and a bolster for the percussion nipple, plain as day. Nice save !
  11. Found today! U.S. two-piece buckle, real or reproduction?

    Here's a none dug example for sale that looks very much like what you found. It gives an idea of what the belt might have looked like....
  12. Civil War sword belt plate?

    Awesome find.. Someone mentioned the missing wreaths ? They were made from some type of white metal that was probably soldered on. Either the metal itself deteriorates or the solder does . Either way, these plates often turn up with the wreaths gone. Another thing to keep in mind is, literally...
  13. Incredibly Rare Confederate Button found with the XP Deus II- IJG

    Hi there, congrats on your rare find. But just a friendly FYI regarding that period photo you posted showing a few of the "Greens"....I can tell you with certainty that this particular shot is definitely POST Civil War. I would say it was probably taken in the 1880's or thereafter. Why do I say...
  14. What Inspired you to Metal Detect?

    As a kid back in the late 60's, I lived in northern GA and loved to walk the fields around Cartersville looking for Indian artifacts. One day a neighbor kid showed me some Civil War bullets he found with a White's Coin Master and I was awestruck. I bugged my pop to buy one, but he refused on the...
  15. Eight silver dimes and the first Indian Head Cent from the "Sidewalk" park

    Hi Brian, Sorry you had that bad experience. I'll share an experience I had years ago with my own brother...... We had gotten permission to metal detect private property next to a Civil War battlefield, which was several acres of mature woodland. My brother and I where hunting through the...
  16. Civil War Finds

    So, I was curious about that piece of type face you found because it was purpose made for a specific printing job. Knowing that the type was reversed for printing, I put your pic in my photo editor and flipped it horizontally which put the type facing the correct direction so you can read...
  17. A large copper - how to clean it properly?

    Not sure if anyone suggested it yet, but sometimes hydrogen peroxide will help remove green corrosion without harming the base metal. Some guys heat it up, which I suppose makes it more chemically active; and even though it's not an acid.. I'd be careful of breathing any fumes. Good luck !
  18. 18th century pocketknife?

    If you didn't value that knife in it's current condition, it would be really cool to have a custom knife smith repurpose those copper scales and recreate the blade as close as possible; then you'd have a special relic that you could use :)
  19. Hunt in the woods near civil war skirmish..? Can you guess these items?

    They were designed to help keep the snow and ice from sliding off the roof in large chunks and causing damage to humans and animals. Some folks refer to them as "snow birds", not the Yankees that winter in Florida. LOL
  20. Hunt in the woods near civil war skirmish..? Can you guess these items?

    Agree, and it's probably POST Civil War; as the barrels were clearly separate items...meaning it was a cartridge model and NOT a muzzle loader, as was commonly used at that point in time. Firearms taking a self contained cartridge during that conflict were few, as it was new technology.