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  1. sea hunter markII

    im just surprised i was able to post picture from phone. i dont think ice diving is difficult but any ideas on the mark II on gold earrings. and really not sure how to photobucket the photo. sorry i removed the photo. not able to resize from my phone.
  2. sea hunter markII

    I just bought the markII and went out scuba diving under ice yesterday and found silver ring an two CZ's earrings. My question has anyone found gold earrings with the seahunter and what setting you use. I have experience with the mark for a year now and I love it and I dig everything. No gold...
  3. Looking for MDing buddy in San Fran Feb 5th - Feb 12th

    I will be in San Fran for a meeting and would like to do some MDing while in the area. I can bring land water beach etc. I also scuba detect as well. Will buy lunch and a beer or beverage of choice. thanks paul
  4. San Fran metal detecting Feb 5 - Feb 12, 2012

    1/23/12: ok. i am going to be out and about while im in the bay area. if you see a minnesota gopher MDing come and save me if im hunting where im not supposed to be. i will still be checking up to departure in case someone wants to help me out. Paul Im heading to san fran for a meeting and...
  5. Heading to Panama City, Fl

    Sorry you had a bad experience. We were there in 2006 and absolutely loved the beaches, golf courses, sea food and the whole week. But, this time, Im bringing the MD'er..... awesome. I will let you know how the hunt and experience goes.
  6. Heading to Panama City, Fl

    soooo..... no one is interested. no biggy. can anyone tell me about the beaches in Panama City. are there restrictions? I will be bringing my scuba gear with md machine and also my dfx300 for beach. any information is greatly appreciated. Im excited
  7. Heading to Panama City, Fl

    Heading to Florida with the fam and was wondering if there is anyone interested in teaching a minnesota boy how to hunt the beaches and maybe some scuba metal detecting as well.
  8. 2 trips out and 2 different Silvers

    hey! pretty impressive. I hunted that park once and pulled out some deep silver there as well. :thumbsup: Its getting harder to find places to hunt. Good luck and maybe see you around.
  9. Looking at purchasing a new underwater metal detector

    thanks a ton CnC! that is exactly the information im looking for. more information the better. thanks again
  10. Looking at purchasing a new underwater metal detector

    Thanks for the offer, but not looking to purchase until i get more information on whats out there. Im planning on doing mostly fresh water MDing and need more information on MD's out there for underwater. What's the best out there and why. I have a DFX300 and I love it! I want the best machine...
  11. Looking at purchasing a new underwater metal detector

    Im in the process of getting PADI certified and in the summer going to start some underwater metal detecting. I have a DFX300 for on land, but now was wondering what metal detector to get for underwater and what would you recommend for underwater pinpointer. Thanks for any advice.
  12. Glass dump site I stumbled onto while MDing

    I didnt think my wife would appreciate all the bottles cluttering our house. thats the only reason. i will hopefully get some pictures posted today. this dump site i should mention, is early 60's dump site and started in the early 1900's. private property on an old farm sight in southern...
  13. Glass dump site I stumbled onto while MDing

    :icon_thumright: I have some pictures of a few bottles that i brought home. I will get them posted asap
  14. Glass dump site I stumbled onto while MDing

    I have what seems like a ga-zillion bottles. A friend of mine and i dug holes of about 4' by 3' deep and pulled about 50 bottles. miniature bottles, whisky bottles, milk bottles, perfume bottles etc. Here's the deal. i reburied the bottles that i have dug up, and would like to sell them but have...
  15. Minnesota Dirt Digger

    why only 3 staples. i have almost 50 coins that i have found this year that all have 4 staples. should i be redoing these. please let me know. thanks.
  16. Minnesota Dirt Digger

  17. Minnesota Dirt Digger

    here is the 1906 indian head penny
  18. Minnesota Dirt Digger

    Just an update on my DFX 300 and my buddy who "was" out MDing me 4:1. I am now getting better with my DFX and we had a 3 hour hunt and loser buys dinner. I can proudly say I left my wallet in the car. In 3 hours I pulled out $9.62, one ring, one earing, shell casing. My buddy pulled out $6.43...
  19. My best find since I got my DFX in September!

    awesome find! what settings do you usually run with your DFX? I would love to find something like that with my DFX300.
  20. Minnesota DFX ers

    Minnesota DFX er's purchased a DFX300 this year and I have been doing well but would like to be doing better. I was wondering if there are some pro's around the area that wouldn't mind showing me the ropes with my new purchase. I am also a member of the DFX only club and have tried using some...