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  1. Nokta Fors Relic

    So I've had my detector for about 5 months now and I can't seem to hit on anything over 4" deep. I've tried all settings and tested it on quarters and dimes. I'm not sure what's up but for the amount I paid I would think it would be able to hit on targets deeper than 4".
  2. 1867 IHP!

  3. 1867 IHP!

    Found my oldest coin today.
  4. 1941 Captain America fan club badge!

    Yes...i found a 1901 Indian head a few feet away from it.
  5. 1941 Captain America fan club badge!

    Found this rare badge today!
  6. Old tootsie toy car

    Found today in southeast ohio with Nokta Fors Relic.
  7. Old tootsie toy car

  8. Thanks Bart!!!

    Thanks for the fast delivery on my new shovel Bart!!
  9. Weekend lost!

    I didn't order was a phone call.
  10. Garrett Pro AT pointer issue

    No its not that...Ithey was I had it set to highest sensitivity so I turned it to the #2 sensitivity and it's fine now.
  11. Garrett Pro AT pointer issue

    No I'm going to try it...not sure why they puto the battery in it. Oh well...I'll try it.
  12. Garrett Pro AT pointer issue

    Yes sorry...I was trying to see if I could move it after I saw I selected the wrong forum.
  13. Garrett Pro AT pointer issue

    It is beeping in the hole but nothing is in the hole. When I lay it to the side to clean out the hole it beeps 2 or 3 times in a row every 3-5 seconds. Sometimes it will beep when I put it to the plug but it's just a short quick beep and then nothing. Any ideas? And is it weird that my pointer...
  14. Deep target?

    I've never metal detected before and just got my Fors Relic today. I went out just to mess around a little and was hitting on a target and it was saying it was 12-13" was really low sound...think it hit around 12 or so...would the deep target be worth digging at that low hit? Or should...
  15. Legal or Illegal?

    Yep I'm just going to go for it and if they ask me to leave I will.
  16. Legal or Illegal?

    Yes I've looked at our towns website and they have nothing listed. And thanks for the link but I've looked at it already and my county is not on there.
  17. Legal or Illegal?

    Ok, that was the problem I was having I wasn't sure we're to look or who to ask. Thanks.
  18. Legal or Illegal?

    So I live in a town that is a historical district and the town is actually listed on the historical website. I'm wondering would that make the entire town illegal to detect since it's listed as a historical district? There is a cop in our town that I was told metal detects and he says it's...
  19. Just waiting on the new detector!

    I was supposed to be here today but they didn't ship my order so now I have to wait till Tuesday....and it's cool about the miss on intro.
  20. Just waiting on the new detector!

    It's a her...her name is jersey and she got the Nokta Fors Relic