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  1. And people wonder why we spend so much on machines for the pennies we retrieve

    That's a real beauty. I don't know why but it's happened to me several times. I'm finished for the day and while I'm walking off the beach just swinging my detector for the hell of it I've hit on several nice targets. That really completes my day but nothing as nice as yours. Congrats.
  2. Best beach detector East Coast

    Terry gave you some good choices of high end beach machines. The shark and the dual field are pulse induction machines and take a little longer to get use to - especially the dual field. Above all get yourself a good long handle scoop because all of those machines go deep.
  3. The importance of cleaniing the coil cover

    I agree with Sir Gala Clad. I go to the beach to find treasure. It's a hobby just like fishing except I'm fishing on land. I don't want it to be a job or a chore. To spend hours after a search prying off the cover and trying not to damage the coil in the process, stripping off the silicone...
  4. The importance of cleaniing the coil cover

    I've stopped using a cover. Mine is so tight I can hardly get it off. I've even caulk it all around. It doesn't matter. The sand and gunk still gets in. I think the biggest drawback with a cover is that after a few hours the buildup under the cover interferes with the signal.
  5. Can someone please identify this for me? Thanks so much.

    Shotgun shell. I've found a to of them behind my house over the past 15 years. Don't even save them anymore.
  6. packing for a trip

    Wish I was as organized as you. My vacation would have turned out a whole lot different but I learned something here. Thx
  7. How many lead fishing weights is too many?

    That's quite a collection. Never thought of using them as a display. Usually I just give them away to the first fisherman I see who doesn't seem to have an attitude. The rest I throw into recycling. Too late now to start a collection.
  8. Hand on, or hand off?

    Hey Buddy - can you give me a hand?
  9. How deep will you dig?

    Got to go with joeb on this one. Once I get past 15 inches it usually turns out to be an old beer can. Not that I ever learn, I keep digging till I pull it out and then want to kick myself in the head knowing that I was wasting my time all along. Lol.
  10. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION Ring Return

    That's great man. You'll always remember that as one of your best finds and when someone asks you what's the best thing you ever found I bet you'll tell them about this one.
  11. Hit the tide again this morning

    And the hits keep on coming. You are good. Did you use the dual field again?
  12. Whats the Scoop? Fixin to get into water hunting.

    You trust a Russian. Putin is still KGB. Look what he's doing now to the Ukraine. We're too spread out to do anything about it. This is just what happened in the 1830's with hitler. Support America. BUY AMERICAN ! ! !

    Corona is definitely the beer of choice of the beach beer drinking slobs.
  14. Florida Isolated Finds Policy

    Ok. It's official. I'm an antique. That means the wife can't remove me from my recliner.
  15. Dry Sand Pull To You Scoop Recommendation ?

    I have the RTG kick it aluminum sand scoop with the curved handle. Found it easier to hold and can use it also like a cane when I'm walking in deep sand.
  16. carry bag for beach/wading

    When I bought my first detector from kellyco all they sent was a large plain leatherette pouch. I later bought the 3 pocket mesh pouch because I thought the first one was useless. Now I use both. I wear the 3 pocket mesh on the right side for my finds and the leatherette bag on the left for...
  17. CT Copper today

    Don't even think about cleaning it. It's pretty cool just the way it is and tells a history all by itself. Just display it and enjoy.
  18. Amazing condition Hobo Nickle found in the ocean and a gold ring

    What was the problem with the dual field if you don't mind me asking?
  19. Adding 2 more rings to this years collection.

    Any ring is a good ring and those look real nice. Good for you!
  20. sand scoop

    Jason. You look like a big beefy guy to me. Believe me, you will not last long on a hot sandy sunny beach using a hand scoop. It will be hard tedious back breaking work. Not much fun at all and beach hunting should be fun. What you need is a long handle scoop that you can push through the...