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  1. Crusty rusty Nail with a bonus 1943 Walker!

    Great Job:thumbsup: Keep it up!!!!!
  2. War of 1812 Relic Jackpot- Pewters, Sword guard, and Bullets

    Love your work and creativity. Keep up the fantastic work...
  3. ✅ SOLVED Another Gun ID Needed

    If you ask me the gun actually in a great shape..
  4. The TRUE story behind the Oak Island legend... (Finally revelaed)

    Quite a nice story it is..
  5. What's to eat around here.

    Quite an interesting post it is, thanks for sharing..
  6. George washington cufflinks

    Congrats mate on the find!!
  7. Small 1978 penny

    yeah i see that...
  8. Old Masonic Ring

    That's nice...
  9. Found a leg band

    I never saw a thing like that, still its nice.
  10. Old fort gives up fathers day gifts

    Nice find mate, Happy Fathers day to you :occasion14:
  11. Pick'n on the road

    Great find mate..
  12. Beanie Baby Find questions

    These were highly collectibles in the past, as people invested heavily on them to make fortune in the future. Still, I haven't found any beany bears that is sold for more than 20 bucks irrespective of the condition or the attached tag.
  13. 80s Geek watches.

    Looking at its condition, its highly collectible...
  14. Old Hatchets , Cleaver , Micro Camera . and interesting local History .

    Nice purchases and i like the micro camera.. :hello2:
  15. kings German legion belt plate/ 1787 new jersey

    I was going to say that.. :hello2:
  16. Old vases

    Well don't anything about them, but they are beautiful....