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  1. Deus finds bottles

    Nice finds, congrats!
  2. Old church

    Nice!!! Congrats!!!
  3. First 18k GOLD RING!!

    great find
  4. Holed Large Cent

    Very cool! Congrats
  5. 4 Silver day

    Nice!very very nice...congrats
  6. Found a new coin

    Nice finds, congrats
  7. Satrurday's Club Hunt

    Nice finds,congrats
  8. Wife found a nice blade!

    congrats...looks like a nice one!
  9. Small yard finds...

    congrats on your find, cool hunt

    Really nice find,congrats
  11. I Found this gun in dump!

    Great find,congrats
  12. Bag Seal City - Day 4 - Short Solo Hunt...

    awesome finds,congrats
  13. Never thought I'd say it.

  14. Gold Virgin Mary Anchor

    Very nice finds, congrats
  15. Little piece of colonial silver

    congrats on the save, nice finds
  16. Black Buffalo

    Cool looking Buffalo,congrats