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  1. Forgotten Family Coin Collection

    I would recommend scanning and making (several!) CD's of digital copies of your family documents. I just did the same thing a few months back (some were cemetery deeds going back to the 1830's (which my brother thinks "we" should sell ??? ??? Sorry bro, not gonna happen while I'm alive!) and are...
  2. Dead babies and soft drink: pepsi

    They make hot dogs shaped like hamburger patties now...? :icon_scratch: Then the name brand of "instant mashed sweet potatoes" I ate the other day must have slipped past them. They were so yuck it would have made a hyena barf....
  3. What happened to the breaking the law thread?

    Somebody (not me) stole it.... :laughing7:
  4. Please send me your pulltabs and nails that are 50+ years old - For the archies

    Worst case scenario, I'd expect to see news reports of the bomb squad detonating "suspicious packages". :o That said, I do like your idea!
  5. They pulled my wisdom teeth!

    I had all 4 of mine pulled 25 years ago (3 were growing in sideways.) Best $800 I ever spent. (Thank you, Dr. Salmon!) Like you, I blinked and it was over, no dreamy time while under. Didn't get any painkillers afterward, but my jaw muscles ached from having my mouth opened wide. Stayed away...
  6. A funny poster I thought up and threw together on M.S. Paint.

    Don't be surprised if someone builds that.... :wink: :D
  7. Blondes, Redheads or brunettes?

    Re: Blonde's, Redheads or brunettes? 'Platinum' sounds better.... :wink: :laughing7:
  8. Medallion with odd emblem and strange symbols - SOLVED!

    Re: Medallion with odd emblem and strange symbols Using the chart of runes in my dictionary, and starting at the top going clockwise, I get ae - ea - ? - ch - ? - m - b - u - r - (same letters repeat) The runes on the 'coin' also seem 'reversed'. Might it be something for making wax seals?
  9. Put away your metal detectors sheeple

    "If you vote for SB 868 or HB 521, we will vote for your opponent in the next election." :hello: Simple. Direct. Gets their attention. :wink:
  10. WARNING If you buy flowers frum a florist.......................

    :icon_scratch: Y'know, if you had an ex you wanted to get rid of, you could just send'em some of those toxic flowers every day.... :D :laughing7:
  11. Put away your metal detectors sheeple

    This law is only to get the "foot in the door" to eventually lead to restrictions on private land. The people behind this "law" know they can't drop their entire agenda into place at once, so they are going to goosestep it in a little at a time. Another disturbing scenario that is possible is...
  12. Put away your metal detectors sheeple

    In other words "This policy acknowledges that the rich and unique heritage of historic properties in this state, representing more than 10,000 years of human presence", they can apply this to the whole state, even private property (eventually), since any part of it may have "historic properties"...
  13. Spain has got its underwater cultural heritage back

    It will be interesting to see how much of their new found wealth the Spanish gov't will dedicate to underwater archeology of their 'heritage'. Probably an insulting pittance, I warrant....
  14. Gold has no value

    The "new gold" they are trying to push is... diamonds! (Been hearing ads to that effect lately.) But knowing that there is a *huge* stockpile of diamonds around the world, not going to walk into that investment trap. I'd recommend investing in canned food, cigarettes, and shotgun shells. Those...
  15. The Probabilities of Pennies

    Sure, you could probably get one for every year, but if you're going to collect them, you'd want one of each year AND mint mark....
  16. this aint never happened before...

    The dog was afraid you were going to dig up the stuff he buried and tried to distract you.... :laughing7:
  17. Uncontacted Peruvian Tribe Attacks Eco Tourists

    I have a suspicion that this "uncontacted tribe" is actually protecting some drug lord's fields in the area. Get much closer and I bet those bows & arrows would be quickly replaced with AK-47's....
  18. Shipwreck hunters stumble across mysterious find

    There is a good possibility it might be Russian:
  19. effective February 20 eBay Bans Listings for Replica Coins

    If I ever tried to sell any of the pieces-of-eight and doubloons I'm making on ebay, I'd just call them "fantasy" coins instead of "replicas". (I can't find real ones, and most other "replica" ones are *bleep*, so I'm making my own. :wink: Not to worry, they will have COPY on them, as well as...
  20. What would you do?

    You aren't supposed to cash it in. You must keep the tradition going and hide it again.... :wink: