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  1. Large point or tool??

    Found another peice today that matches up! Does this help anyone identify the tool or time period??? Thanks again!
  2. Found another piece to a large blade/tool!!

    Found another peice to a possible large blade/tool today.... does this help anyone identify what it actually is??? Or time period??? Hoping to find the rest of it soon! Found in NW Florida.
  3. Large point or tool??

    Very cool, thanks for sharing!
  4. Large point or tool??

    Can anyone identify what this? Obviously it's broken, but I can't tell if it's a point or some other kind of tool. Found in NW Florida. Thanks in advance!
  5. Pottery shard??

    Found this in NW Florida, not far from where I recently picked up an arrowhead. Just wondering if you guys think it could be a pottery shard? Looks like it might even be burnt on one end. Thanks in advance!
  6. First arrowhead!!!

    Found my first arrowhead today in northwest Florida! Been looking and digging test holes on our property for a while and have only found a few flakes and broken pieces until now. This one was barely covered with dirt. The field has been plowed and cultivated in the past. It has a broken tip, but...
  7. Flake identification

    I assume these are flakes... the larger rock looked like it could possibly be a core because it has a waxy surface with a lot of scarring, but I'm really not sure what it is. They were all surface finds from a field in the Florida panhandle. Can anyone help identify the type of rock?
  8. Fire-cracked rock??

    Flake?? First I found this on the ground and thought it looked like a flake (is it??) so I stuck my shovel in the ground and hit a rock...then just kept digging them up. There have been documented middle and late archaic artifacts nearby so I am confident there is more to find.
  9. Fire-cracked rock??

    Not that I can tell
  10. Fire-cracked rock??

    These rocks were all found together roughly 6-8" deep in a field in NW Florida. There was some charcoal mixed in as well, so I'm thinking it could be fire cracked rock? Maybe an ancient hearth or fire pit? I thought that the small spherical rock looked interesting too, but idk what it could be...
  11. Native American Fire Pit Identification

    Started digging a test hole on a ridge that wraps around a large swamp in NW Florida and so far we have found some charcoal about 2 feet down. We haven't even finished digging or sifting all the spoils yet, but my question is how do you identify a Native American fire pit? What else would you...
  12. Arrowheads OR pointed rocks??

    Thanks everyone! I'll keep looking. :)
  13. Arrowheads OR pointed rocks??

    I realize this may be a long shot, but do you guys think either of these 2 rocks could be arrowheads? The rock in the first 2 pics was found in a field, and the rock in the last 3 pics was found in a creek... both in NW Florida.
  14. Black flint flakes??

    Found all these rocks in the same general area of a field in NW Florida. I see conchoidal fractures so I'm assuming it's flint. Any chance these are knapping flakes or could it possibly be natural? Trying to figure out if it's a good location to dig for points.
  15. Chert??

    Any chance this is chert? Maybe a broken point? It looks like it has been worked on one side, but it feels very lightweight. It's hard to see in the pics, but one edge appears to be serrated. Found in a creek in northwest Florida.
  16. Pitted rock??

    It did not set off the metal detector
  17. Pitted rock??

    Found this pitted rock in a field in the Florida panhandle. Any ideas??
  18. Weird rock found in FL swamp

    Found this on the banks of a large cypress pond/swamp in the Florida panhandle. It is not metal! Any help in identifying what it is would be very much appreciated.