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  1. Nickels

    Hmmmmm......never found a nickel yet!
  2. LiPo batteries in Nokta machines

    I miss the 70’s! No cell phones, no answering machines, no cars with extensive computers or any at all, no computers for everyday life, no telemarketing constantly, well, you get the idea. I think our getting so technologically advanced has actually been regression to a point. Do I love my...
  3. Open to new members in North Carolina

    I don’t do evil Hopefully you can post events here as well since I am in middle NC.
  4. Old North State Detectorists

    Been dead for some time. The club still hunt or is it now pretty defunct given that nasty C letter word?!
  5. Simplex at Saltwater beaches?

    Well it has beach mode so I assume it is a general programmed setting to be a middle of the road setting. As always, you can tweak a bit. I had a Fors CoRe I hunted in the surf years ago and it did well. Ground balance as the salinity is very mineralized and gives a lot of chattery as I say...
  6. Bluetooth connectivity lost ?

    Not yet but great to know it is not uncommon when it does happen.
  7. Did the FBI find $600M in Civil War Gold in Pa. Forest ?

    I missed all this......found on private land or national park land?
  8. Lower Shaft Stability Insert, does it work?

    Not sure. I ended buying the lower carbon shaft and it fixed the wobble for me.
  9. New Owner

    Welcome. I love mine. Not much time with it yet as I purchased it during the cold season. I look forward to warmer weather......I am coming off a Nokta FoRs Core and a XP Deus. The system is hard to beat at the price for sure.
  10. Lower carbon shaft

  11. I’m new to this, but I did have a surprising problem with my pinpointer.

    That’s like a friend of mine who had a artificial leg. He plays jokes on new people by having his pocket knife out and whether whittling on something or whatever, he will stab it into his artificial leg while continuing to do whatever. I have seen people gasp on that one!
  12. Comparing a few PP's.

    My favorite of all time has been the Nokta Makro with the orange cap and orange covers with grey body. Excellent and always worked 100% of the time. Waterproof to 3’ as you stated but I don’t hunt completely submersed so not a issue. Right now I have the Nokta PulseDive which is a large PP...
  13. LiPo batteries in Nokta machines

    I have a Simplex and while I cannot comment on any issues with the LiPo on it I have extensive experience with them on my agencies UAS fleet. They are fickle beast and we have had issues with a certain model and with consultation with other similar agencies the premature failure of these and...
  14. Need a buddy to detect with

    Welcome from NC.
  15. Pulsedive pinpointer with simplex

    The only issue I have with the PD is the fact it never produces a solid tone once you contact the object. It just develops a quicker beep as it comes closer to the find. But I have had good luck with it so far.
  16. Lower carbon shaft

    Just got in the lower carbon shaft and it did make a big difference to eliminate lower shaft flex. Used a silver sharpie to mark my shaft length and my coil angle. Hoping to go to some good areas for a proper day of detecting.
  17. Dumb Simplex question.

    Not sure rather than a scale of let’s say 1-8. But obviously you may have figured out the “L” is Low setting with a range and the “H” is high with a range. Not sure why they did this.
  18. New old member

    Use to be here years ago and got back into detecting. Former machines from Garrett, Nokta and XP back to the fairly new kid on the block Simplex+. Hoping to travel a bit with the system and detect and find some interesting finds.
  19. Backpack for simplex+

    Here is just a photo. The other link is a YT video of the new bag.
  20. Backpack for simplex+

    Nokta Makro has a new field bag in general. It is huge but would certainly be the ticket in my opinion. See link below.