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  1. New to treasure diving.

    It'll most likely be off the coast of Florida for now, and I'll go from there. Would I need a permit to dive off of the coast?
  2. New to treasure diving.

    I'm going to be starting to treasure dive here in the near future. I'm already an experienced diver. I've recovered small things before, but never really did much diving in or around shipwrecks. Is there anything I need to know, or any tips?
  3. Charter Member Dues

    The only democrat thing about me is my support of unions. But I'll give the charter membership a shot. Probably will on Friday.
  4. Charter Member Dues

    Out of curiosity, is a charter membership worth it?
  5. Consulted a Lawyer, Re.: the Coin-star return slot contents .....

    I hope you didn't pay the lawyer for that consult.
  6. My other passion

    Some people are very much like that. It's unfortunate. Next time, I'll hide it better.
  7. The Lost Dutchman Mine, and the Superstition Mountain

    When I was a young buck, I used to always visit my dad in Arizona. I always heard about the Lost Dutchman Mine in the Superstition Mountain. Legends have been something I've always been interesting. It's something I would be interested in looking for, as well. Would it be worth it? If I would...
  8. Hello from PA

    I love Massachusetts. I usually take at least one trip to Foxborough every year.
  9. My other passion

    I had one, and some guy stole it. I have to get to field and stream, and get a new one.
  10. 20,000 Documents from Arizonas mining and mineral history online

    I've gotta get back down there, and take a look around when I get time. If I get laid off again, I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to do it.
  11. My other passion

    What trailcam do you use?
  12. Hello from PA

    Pennsylvania is a great state. It's a union state, and there is so much history, it's really nice. Though I'm planning on moving.
  13. Hello from PA

    I have just started to do some treasure hunting recently, mostly finding items of historical value, when I'm off shift. Hoping to learn more as I go.