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  1. Found my favorite relic today! Dunno what the heck it is!?

    Could be a strap end or tug for a saddle or harness rigging
  2. The thieves got me last night!

    Live traps and a .22 eliminates the problem, permanently. Been there dun that. Skin, cure the hide, and it makes a good conversation piece, lol also cats have a ball with them, tie a string in the nose and jerk it sliw across the floor, kitty gies nutzoid hahaha
  3. Native American Tool?

    It could be a stone used to grain, like a mortar and pistol. Many tribes used them, My grandma and aunts did, just a thought, and maybe insight to some native tools
  4. Anybody have good ideas on how to get rid of skunks?

    Put a dish of ammonia by the door opening, they use their noses for food source, it also works for racoons, if they are in there already it will persuade them to leave.
  5. Parking Lot Curb Strips

    Ok, when I was on the road a lot, I used to do rest areas, now I do more relic hunting. I made a “Land use contract”, and it has blanks for the address, what I want to hunt for, and the split/disposition of what I find, signed by me and the person responsible for the property. This gives me...
  6. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Unidentified coin (pretty bad condition) Help would be appreciated.

    I would suggest soak in clear white vinegar for a few minutes, maybe 10-20, rinse with water and a toothbrush, hydrogen peroxide will clean a lot of debri out of the small groves. Also if you have one, an ultrasonic cleaner for jewelry does a pretty good job without compromising the integrity of...
  7. I made it

    Im glad your on the mend, I guess I missed something because I didn't know you were going in for surgery. I had mine 3 years ago, they said I looked like death warmed over, came out all pink and looking like a real person again, and you are correct, a lot of good support, teasing, general...
  8. New member and need advice

    I am a Garrett fan, been using them for about 50+ years and have worn out 3, I'm using an Ace 250 right now and it does an excellent job. Now for the fun part, a couple years ago I sponsored a detector hunt for MineLab days, they furnished me with a lot of stuff including a small foldup...
  9. the "Halo Affect"

    The dectector uses radio waves simalar to sonar, what I do is mark the outside edges of signal, then working back in to the center I have found some targets are actually silent over the target, and those, depending on size, can be very deep, and have a fairly large halo, or harmonic signal. Just...
  10. So no more old timers.

    Not all of us old timers are gone, LOL, we are just harder to find.
  11. Is there much of difference in...

    I use construction grade tools, yep they cost more, but my 00 irrigating cost $50 10 yrs ago but I am still using it. I also go industrial for the landscaping tools, like trowels and planting shovels, been using them for a good number of years, they are easy to maintain, and I feel are a good...
  12. US Govenment Removing Gold Areas from Topo Maps

    BLM and Forest Service have been doing that for a few years now, but I thought it was just in the Rockies. They have been eliminating "unused" roads and trails to "benefit" the lands and keep the HOV and ATV off by logging the roads and trails they want traveled, and taking the others off as...
  13. Question about detecting gold coins

    Adam I use a 250 Ace and I get electric wire at 3 ft to check your discrimination settings try this. Find a spot in your yard with no signal, put agold anything down and set a 5 gal bucket of dirt on it and adjust the machine and then check it with 50 cent coin. You can also Ask your bank for a...
  14. 174 lbs of BAD NEWS!

    Had one jump me in the Colorado Rockies years ago, only thing that saved us was the tree it was in broke as it jumped, scared it as much as me. I got 2 broke ribs and pony got a jab hole in flank from a broken limb, we were lucky, only a 4 hr ride back to the house.