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  1. Need Help Identifying an Artillery Shell Fragment

    It may also be from a 30 pounder; I'll be able to measure it better when I get back from my trip.
  2. Need Help Identifying an Artillery Shell Fragment

    Thanks for the info guys. I didn't know Hotchkiss shells got that big. It could be closer to 4.5 inches which would match up with the one you found on worthpoint. About every size shell was probably used on Vicksburg.
  3. Need Help Identifying an Artillery Shell Fragment

    I bought this artillery shell fragment from a collector who dug this up in the 1970s in the Vicksburg area. It is the base cup section of an artillery shell. It is smooth all the way around and rounded on the bottom. It does have an indention. It has a width of 4 1/8. Does anyone know what...
  4. Body Armor

    It would probably vary among the manufacturer.
  5. Body Armor

    This may be one of the rarest artifacts to come across. This came out of a 50 year old collection from central Virginia. Bullet proof vests were sold to soldiers by sutlers and various manufactures. Hundreds of these vests were dropped along the road and piled with other unwanted items due to...
  6. Dug Civil War Bayonet

    I have handled many bayonets from the Civil War, but this one seems strange. It appears to be bent up and bent sideways. As you can see from the pictures, the bend is quite significant. Has anyone seen another one like this one or now why it may have this bend?
  7. Bone Fragment

    I found this while on the Peace River in Florida. It looks like the edge of something very large. It appears black in the photos after washing it off, but when dry it is a dark brown color. If anyone has any guesses on what it could be from, please leave a reply.
  8. Need Help w Old Hand Gun Piece

    Looks a lot like a Smith and Wesson model 1, but the hinge appears to be in the wrong place.
  9. Civil War Bullets

    The first bullet I believe was used as a sinker. The second looks like it was used as some kind of tool, but I'm not sure what for. The third bullet I was not able to identify, and looks like a small Enfield. If anyone is able to identify these bullets your help would be appreciated.
  10. Civil War Disk

    I was searching in area believed to be a Confederate camp at some point during the Civil War when I found this item. I don't know if would be from the era or not. It's a little larger than a quarter and appears to be made of iron. It looks like at one time it had a rounded edge. Any guesses...
  11. WW2 Victory Flag

    He received it after WW2, which like you said, makes it really hard to pinpoint.
  12. Young Civil War Soldier Tintype

    I purchased this tintype the other day because I was captivated by how young this soldier was. He couldn't have been but 15 or 16 when he enlisted in the Union Army. I noticed he was wearing a shell jacket and was wondering how to tell if it was cavalry or artillery. Please feel free to post...
  13. Civil War Artillery Shell Fragment

    Thanks for all the info !!!
  14. WW2 Victory Flag

    He inherited the flag from his grandmother, but I don't know much more than that.
  15. WW2 Victory Flag

    My grandfather got this flag when he was a kid. We both assumed it was a victory flag from ww2 because it's marked Britain u.s. There's similar flags like it on the Internet, but none just like it. If anyone knows anything about it please feel free to leave a reply.
  16. Civil War Artillery Shell Fragment

    It was found at lookout mountain. It does have the dovetail shape. Are the James Type 2 shells rare, because I was only able to find a couple online?
  17. Civil War Artillery Shell Fragment

    This fragment was found near the Chattanooga battlefield years back. I'm guessing it's from a schenkl shell, but I can't find a comparable example. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. Pocket Watch Chain

    That's definitely it; much appreciated !!! :hello2:
  19. Pocket Watch Chain

    I recently purchased a model 1857 Home (Waltham) pocket watch which included a chain. The chain is marked W, star symbol, F. If anyone recognizes this mark or knows anything about the marking it would be very helpful.