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  1. 1814 Classic Head Largie w/ Crossest "4"

    That's getting back a few yrs! Great find! Congrats
  2. More hunts at tornado damaged apartment complex

    I just throw my clad in a 5 gallon bucket for 1 yr. (Excluding pennies) Next august and I will cash in. Varies from yr to yr. I've gotten least at $340 to as much as $920. Another detector or Vaca cash
  3. Dug a Cool Large 1864 Indian Head

    That's a first for me on that find. Very cool!
  4. My first Barber Quarter

    Special coin especially your first. Congrats!
  5. I use grass!

    I guess you were known as SirWalterGrass back then! Lol! Thanks for the reply
  6. I use grass!

    Thanks for the info Cru. Found this coin in small patch of grass at the elementary school. You might be able to tell by the signal difference on the heater
  7. 1840s Store

    Found many a merry widows can. Another nice variety. Like the metal plate looks good!
  8. Found strange brooch

    Nice find no matter what. Congrats!
  9. Native American Carved Stone

    I live near Cherokee Co. I know the director of the local museum there and I'll see if they know what it is. If you find out through native artifacts keep us informed

    Wow. Really like those finds! That bag of luck is awesome! Congrats
  11. I Swear this was my last hunt...(1859 Seated love token, 38mm flat button + LC)

    Better work thar foundation fast. Those old folks saw you thru the window and you couldn't hear m yelling! Lol! Nice finds! Congrats
  12. Got some keepers today

    Real nice for both of you! Yea, it would be hard to knock that off that smile! Lol! Congrats
  13. One Indian and my buddy found a 1843 Seated Half Dime, two other silvers and Indian

    Some real nice coins there! Enjoyed the write up! Congrats
  14. Another slow day but at least I was still able to score a 1773 Virginia halfpenny

    Enjoy the early history your recovering Bill. Wish there was more here in my area. Early mtn living here was very poor. Finding IH in the late 1880's to 90's and you have made a great find. I see that storm coming and could be a real whopper depending on its track. Congrats on the wonderful finds!
  15. Another boring, long winded post from WIF

    Enjoyed the story and the finds added to the excitement! Lol! Maybe fishy and blingie need to go back along with the other start overs. HH congrats
  16. CTX 3030 - MAIDEN VOYAGE

    Looks like a winner of a place to hunt and the finds are proving it! Congrats
  17. Old House Gives Up Assortment Of Finds

    Good hunt! Like the variety! Nice trifecta. Moving the furniture was a plus to! Congrats!
  18. Todays Hunt In the Ruins

    Wow! Looks can be so deceiving! You would think for sure silver lurks there. Cool bottle and love the key! On my bucket list. Go back with your friend, more ground coverage will tell you more. There could have been others b4 you so the outskirts could be the ticket. Congrats!:thumbup:
  19. I use grass!

    Hi all, thought I would put in a little humor to catch your eye! Here's an "in the field" way I pre clean my clad. (Clad only) After retrieval I stick the coin in between a tuft of grass squeeze and rub. Removes the dirt pretty good but of course you wouldn't do this with older coins. I keep a...
  20. 2nd coin ring in a row! + Silver Crucifix Pendant

    Awesome! What are the chances! Congrats