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  1. Finally something GOOD!!

    Well, I have my metal detector from about 3 months, and never found anything good, just some pennys, and euros. But.. last weekend i went to my grandma's house in Italy, that have a big backyard with some woods, and i brought the MD ofcourse :P. After 5 or 6 minutes i found a really cool...
  2. Tortuga Island!

    haha! ok ill let u know~ liftloop. I wanna buy something more professional i have a bounty hunter tk4. i dont know if i can have good hunt with it or yes?
  3. I found this on a remote beach in the Caribean

    what island? Dominican republic.?
  4. Tortuga Island!

    Thanks G.I.B! im trying to involve 2 or 3 friends into the metal detecting, to make this trip. i dont like the idea to go alone to that island heheh:tongue3:
  5. Tortuga Island!

    Hello everyone. im new in the web. ive been metal detecting from a few months now. I live in dominican republic Im planning a trip to tortuga island. ( thats an island in north haiti, where pirates used tu hide and live back in the 16th and 17th century) the island in totally virgin, there...