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  1. a simple question

    Thank you everyone for your replies, your knowledge, your input, your 2 cents.
  2. Can anyone tell me what type this is?

    great looking piece very nicely made
  3. Such a thing a too trashy?

    At old homesteads there will be many nails and iron pieces all over.. Go slow and possibly turn down sensitivity a little--think of locations in the yard where there may have been more action-- maybe a clothes line or a big old tree or stump, maybe in a line to where the outhouse or well would...
  4. Complaining has been my downfall - true confessions of THIS detectorist!

    When I'm writing on a subject and it is being read by someone else it is not as good a read if I keep using the same words--site, location, spot, place, field, park, school, beach, homestead, grove, swimming hole, stream, bridge,tot lot, playground ----metal detector, unit, machine, tool, toy...
  5. a simple question

    My question-when using an ace 250 a signal is never guaranteed -- for example a good solid high tone will sometimes be a deep piece of iron or a coin-silver or copper--so should I also believe that iron signals are not always going to be accurate--like can a deep iron signal be a coin or good...
  6. Something I need to share T-Net policies on poster integrity... Does it matter?

    Thanks skippy nice post--well written and thought out--I have also been married for 19 years--my wife has been sick for all of it--hospitals, doctors, medications, false diagnosis, and yes the depression-poor girl--your story is a little glimmer of hope. Tnet is great for me-I recently lost my...
  7. my first "Love Token" from Tuesday

    good story and cool finds thanks for sharing
  8. 1652 Massachusetts Pine Tree Threepence and more from virgin 1660 homesite!

    looks like you had a banner day, nice job
  9. Bunch of Silver, Indians, Barber and more

    man thats a good selection 40 wheats-in a day !!!nice group of silvers and love finding IH pennies especially the older ones my are usually 1890-1908 or so
  10. new to the treasure hunting world

    Welcome from Mass. Ct has many great areas to detect--lots of history there--I have family all over there--and with lots of history comes lots of trash so a little piece of advise you have to dig a lot of trash but it is worth it. Don't get discouraged-just keep at it you will eventually get...
  11. Lead shot mold

    very cool I have not seen one like that before.
  12. The Secret a Treasure Hunt

    sounds like a fun story
  13. So what is it called?

    just curious which beach !!!
  14. That Bright White Edge in Teller Tray

    nice job its so much easier to get the silvers from the bank
  15. jewelry mode or all metal ???

    Thanks Skippy, lots of good advice--for a long time I would only dig solid signals- I have evolved and learned my machine quite a bit but still have a lot to learn. I have never made a test garden I'm sure it would be helpful in learning mixed signals. I still end up digging deep iron that I...
  16. jewelry mode or all metal ???

    Thanks Bill, I've been hitting this one field for a few years now--it's been real nice to me--I'm getting down to just low signals and broken trashy ones--lots of foil but a few goodies a cool cross necklace that was also a little 1 inch knife. I don't find many necklaces or bracelets unless...
  17. jewelry mode or all metal ???

    Thanks FreeBird good info-- I will try this soon- it is hard to break away from my normal routine, but like learning new techniques. I know a few places to try this thanks again
  18. jewelry mode or all metal ???

    Thanks Gary I see you have been doing this for a long time
  19. jewelry mode or all metal ???

    When I am out hunting I am in all metal mode. I have my sensitivity at 8 sometimes 9 when soil and trash amounts permit it. I usually ignore the iron and dig all other signals. Obviously digging takes the most time when you are digging lots of targets. I find gold and silver, but like all of...
  20. Different kind of ring.

    thats cool and unique Ive never seen one