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  1. Ever have an embarrassing moment in this hobby?

    Have had a few unexpected BLOW OUTS myself. :icon_pale: Have driven home with no underwear or socks a few times. Socks are great for emergency clean ups.
  2. Except for the pirate, kinda boring

    Love the Pirate ! Umm, kinda reminds of myself !
  3. Coil covers yes or no ?????

    Coil covers are too big off a P.I.T.A. for me to deal with. They pick up crap and make your coil false because there is stuff caught in it. Truck bed liner sprayed on twice a year saves wear and tear on the coil without the sand and the grit in the coil cover making false signals. Once you use...
  4. What useful items have you dug up?

    Really heavy and large wood splitting wedge. Cracks big stumps logs up really nice !
  5. Anyone Using Drones To Hone In On A Detecting Spot?

    Yes, I've used a drone looking for hunting spots on beaches and nude beaches are the best hunting spots with a drone. Really good metal detecting hunting spots in the woods can't be seen with my drone because of the forest canopy so I still have to go in on foot to find them.
  6. Given A Harbor Freight 9 Function MD And My Review !

    Yeah, when you look at it that way the Harbor Freight 9 would be better then nothing at all for folks to trying to get into the hobby with little money to spend and not a big investment.
  7. MANDATORY EVACUATION ORDER SC...Should we stay or should we go?

    I'd be staying if I were there to detect the fresh stuff that comes up as a result.
  8. Attention ! any/all metal detectorists who were hunting circa 1965-1975 !...

    Keep in mind, silver was in general circulation back in those days. So finding silver was the same as finding clad today and you just spent it. Machines were heavy and cumbersome to handle with little to no discrimination. Today's basic machines could run loops around what we had then !
  9. Given A Harbor Freight 9 Function MD And My Review !

    OK, OK, I can already hear the laughter !!!! I was recently given a Harbor Freight 9 Function detector by someone who tried detecting and didn't like it. Naturally, it being free, I just had to try this DOG out to see how bad it is. The results were surprising !!! It actually works really...
  10. What kind of bird vertebrae is this from???

    Umm, Who really Cares ????
  11. My 40 year old Compass 77B Pro in action

    That one is in really nice shape !!! They were state of the art back then and like swinging a concrete block. No wonder why my shoulders are shot !!! Very poor ergonomics on them and would tire you out quick. That video makes me know I'm old now. Thanks !
  12. My 40 year old Compass 77B Pro in action

    Those old Red Baron's were good detectors back in the day. I wouldn't seriously hunt an area today with one unless I went back through it with a modern detector. Try walking and hunting behind your uncle. :laughing7:
  13. Women, Girls and Metal Detecting - Do they Mix?

    Your definitely looking into this too deep. As far as kids sure they should be able to do what they have interest in. But when they become mature interest change. Metal detecting can be fun for any kid but many males let along females will not stick with it. Yeah, my old lady loves fishing but I...
  14. Women, Girls and Metal Detecting - Do they Mix?

    Either your a really lucky guy or you've been out detecting in them weed patches ! Find anything good ?
  15. Women, Girls and Metal Detecting - Do they Mix?

    My experience is that fewer women have an interest in detecting then males. Few males have interest in sewing and knitting. If I sewed or knitted I would expect to be a minority at the fabric and yarn shop. Males and females are different even if the politically correct try to tell you otherwise.
  16. I believe I found a civil war belt buckle today...

    Congrats on that find. Was it found in NY State ???
  17. Has anyone ever made their own metal detector?

    Yes, with coat hangers. It's called dowsing and can be used for water detecting also.
  18. Any ideas? Voodoo? African? Leather doll

    Just a folk art handmade doll. No voodoo there.
  19. At Pro help for rookie

    You'll get it, just takes some time. You picked up a really good first detector. It's an awesome detector once learned! It can be confusing in the beginning but stick with it. Learn the Pro modes and just pretend the standard modes don't exist because Pro modes give better information in the...