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  1. The Outlaw Lives.

    Wow! After a few years and no posting, I'd thought a little post might be in order. My Tesoro Outlaw has been my favorite detector since picking it up last decade , 2013! It has found more rings and silver than any of my other machines and a BOAT load of quarters! In a recent 4 hour hunt it...
  2. *-*-*-Vaquero or Outlaw?-*-*-*

    The V blows my ears, I want to kill something after using it. Quack quack quack. The Outlaw is the bomb. REALLY you can't go wrong with either of them. They are like Scotch and cigars.
  3. '47 Rosie and a...big Chinese bronze..?

    Top of mountain,wow! Most folks don't realize that we have REAL mountains in SoCal. One local mountain is 11,000 feet above sea level. Ice House saddle would be a great hunt, if you know where thats located. Great find.
  4. Something about Tesoros

    Well... I have both the Outlaw and the Xterra 705. I thought as most do that the tone/Id machine was going to give me some bit of secret knowledge, allowing me to only get the good stuff. Nope. I have found that the Outlaw and it's related family members are the misunderstood folks down the...
  5. 3 silvers with Outlaw today..

    Outlaws always get what they want.
  6. Tesoro for salty SoCal beaches..?

    Land Shark, candy-gram, SAND SHARK. Open the door and let um in.
  7. What would make a better pair?

    Hey' give some love to the Sand Shark. If you can aford it and have a beach or water neaby think about it.
  8. Outlaw no motion all metal quirk

    Yes, we Outlaws are special people. We have a Retune button, what do you have? Im sorry, I just love the damm thing even with all its weirdness.
  9. Outlaw no motion all metal quirk

    I'm not sure I understand the question and or problem. I watched the vid, Gunner is showing how to pick gold ring out of FE soil. I know that the threshold will surge when turning the the disc knob in all metal sometimes is that what your talking about?
  10. What is your favorite tesoro and worst?

    Crap, I can't find my worst Tesoro, oh well. Hey' even that little guy, the one knob compadre doesn't fall into the "Worst" category.
  11. Tesoro's on Dry Sand Beaches

    Outlaw in all metal motion works great in dry sand.
  12. Sand Shark Coils

    Its one of the best. It's not some cheap piece trash, but a very honest machine.
  13. There is treasure out there,

    The story continues... We have had an epic California winter with plenty of Pacific storms. These storms will strip most beaches of sand which always expose's the goodies. The site continues to give up it's treasure. New finds, 53 more coins. 6 more silvers 1 1944 mercury dime 3 quarters 1945...
  14. Outlaw 3 Coil or Outlaw 8"

    I swing the 8''concentric, but the new wide scan is good too. The Outlaw is a very good machine. I have used the other coils only a few times . Heres the thing, who else will sell you a metal dectctor with 3 coils included in the package? By getting the 3 coil package you will have all your...
  15. Tesoro Mojave Struttin' In The Silver Looking For Gold

    Love it Tab, GOOD JOB. Keep em coming.
  16. Tesoro has a new machine out!

    Its alive, ITS ALIVE...
  17. Tesoro has a new machine out!

    it take's one to know one, Tab.
  18. Will Tesoro release a new machine for 2017?

    Look! It's happened. Tesoro Metal Detectors - Official company web site with metal detector models for treasure hunting land or water.
  19. Tesoro has a new machine out!

    Tesoro Metal Detectors - Official company web site with metal detector models for treasure hunting land or water.
  20. Tesoro has a new machine out!

    SHUT UP!