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  1. Why was Lewis & Clarks expedition not wiped out by tribes ? (History)

    I agree with that. Superior firepower always helps retain the peace, no doubt about it. The Indians had firearms and gunpowder, the British supplied them but that air rifle would have been the talk of the town, I mean Indian village :laughing7:. The western frontier started at the Ohio River...
  2. Why was Lewis & Clarks expedition not wiped out by tribes ? (History)

    Awesome old gun but that is not why they were not attacked. The Louisiana Purchase nearly doubled the territorial size of the United States. Occupying that vast area were numerous Indian tribes. Although we tend to think of Indians as one people, the tribes Lewis and Clark met were actually...
  3. Hear An Angel Sing

    How about Juliette Valduriez? :love4:
  4. Would you have done the same thing??s

    Sorry I couldn't read your post through these rose colored glasses. :laughing7: Sent from my unicorn on fairytale avenue. :laughing7: In my world lessons are taught on their own and jails are for criminals. I can understand dealing with rude people in public, but not everybody welcomes...
  5. Would you have done the same thing??s

    Yup exactly the same, even the Girl Scouts selling cookies. Knock on my door and they are getting punched in the eye! :laughing7: I think what they were getting at was the mean old lady didn't know why he was knocking. Yes he was doing a favor but she was unaware, had she been aware she may...
  6. Worst Thing About Censorship

    Posts get moved edited and deleted, that's a part of forum life.
  7. Have you ever searched an area thats already had its treasure taken?

    "Have you ever searched an area that's already had its treasure taken?" Yes but I married her anyway! :laughing7:
  8. Sharing my grief this past evening. Stuck on ridge and then....

    You may not have told her lately, but she knew you loved her very much. She didn't turn out to be the woman she was without plenty of your love, she knew how much you loved her, you showed her for many years. Her spirit lives on in her daughter. I can't imagine what you are going through right...
  9. Worst Thing About Censorship

    I was reading between the lines, but then I realized I was just seeing double! :laughing7: I wouldn't say it's generic but it has nothing to do with this forum or any of the mods or members here. Censorship affects the decisions we make, the beliefs we have and the actions we take. Maybe it's...
  10. Worst Thing About Censorship

    It's about censorship in general and has nothing to do with the forum or anybody on it. Just a fun topic to help alleviate the cabin fever we are all suffering from.
  11. Worst Thing About Censorship

    It's a trick question tailored to get one of two answers. Why do we use a drinking glass? When we get a beverage the glass is full, we empty it through the process of drinking. If you are filling the glass it's half full, if you are drinking the beverage it's half empty. But if a glass is...
  12. Worst Thing About Censorship

    I can't take credit for the story about the planes nearly missing or nearly crashing. It's from a 1992 George Carlin concert where he is talking about the stupidity of the airlines. Another one of his theories I enjoy is his perspective on stuff.
  13. Worst Thing About Censorship

    Correctamundo! Sometimes the answer is none of the choices offered, we must take it upon ourselves to get the big picture and the right answer, we never really know what information has been censored.
  14. Old Dogs

    One day an old German Shepherd starts chasing rabbits and before long, discovers that he's lost. Wandering about, he notices a panther heading rapidly in his direction with the intention of having lunch. The old German Shepherd thinks, "Oh, oh! I'm in deep doo-doo now!" Noticing some bones...
  15. Would you have done the same thing??s

    Karma has a way of catching up to us when we least expect it. A burglar broke into a house one night. He flashed his flashlight around, looking for valuables. When he picked up a CD player to place in his sack, a strange voice echoed from the dark saying, "Jesus is watching YOU." He nearly...
  16. Worst Thing About Censorship

    Is the glass half full or half empty? That's open for debate depending on the outlook of the observer. It's actually neither, it's simply the wrong size. By controlling what information is available, the majority can be convinced it's either "half full" or half empty" when both answers are...
  17. Worst Thing About Censorship

    It's a statement about censorship in general, on the internet, in the news, in the schools, at work, anywhere it's encountered. It has nothing to do with any specific incident, just an ironic quote, as we will never know the worst thing about censorship, because it has been censored. :laughing7:
  18. Worst Thing About Censorship

    The worst thing about censorship is **********
  19. totally disgusted with this weather

    In my days, it was so cold deer froze to death and just fell over, we would go out pry em off the ground drag em home and eat em raw! It was so cold we used the refrigerator to heat the house, and we didn't whine about it, that's the way it was and we liked it!. In my day it was so cold we we...