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  1. A few recent finds

    Everything is growed up and it's hotter than hell here but did manage to find a couple of crude points and a knife blade
  2. Barely alive

    Yep I'm not a lizard and they ain't gonna grow back just so happy that the good Lord let me live to tell my story... . never ever take one day for granted because I never seen it coming.
  3. Barely alive

    The stuff inside an m-80
  4. Barely alive

    For sure..... About the only explanation
  5. Barely alive

    Hoping not.... Everything's healing great just got all my stitches out
  6. Barely alive

    Can't keep a good man down....I was alone an hour before the volunteer rescue folks got there. The wound in my chest is from plastic shrapnel... Word of advice never mess with flash powder this happened spontaneously no spark in sight
  7. Barely alive

    My last post was titled "I'm still alive" well about 3 weeks ago that was almost a lie when some flash powder spontaneously blower up in my hands removing everything on my left hand but my thumb and my right index finger... Been I life changer but the good Lord wasn't ready for me. With all that...
  8. Blade or not?

    I'd say just waste material....
  9. They were there

    Looks like a promising spot.... Hope you've had better luck than me lately
  10. Barely seen this one

    Found this little point walking an old fire break the other day. Besides that I ain't found nothing..... Even went kayaking with no luck ..
  11. I'm still alive!!!

    Yep central Alabama
  12. I'm still alive!!!

    Never..... But have give it a small break..... Another good point or two and I'll be fired back up
  13. Field Finds from today, 4/29

    Looks like you got it figured out.....nice finds
  14. I'm still alive!!!

    Ain't posted (or had much to post) in a minute, figured I'd let y'all know I'm still kicking
  15. Storm points

    Now that's a pretty quartz point
  16. Decent Saturday Hunt

    Always like seeing your finds.... Good job
  17. Crude point

    Been trying different places, mostly freshly cut cutovers .... All I can find so far is crude points... But it always seems like it takes a while for the rain to uncover the good points. May not be much but I'm hoping I got a good hunting spot soon
  18. Todays find.. ..

    I think it used to be a good one one side was worked good, think the tractor got the other side
  19. Todays find.. ..

    Big Field is getting tilled up good where I grew up... Still needs a good rain or two but I did manage to find one today.. it's a little beat up but now I know where to be looking
  20. Newb... i know i know...

    Nothing real scientific about it... Search the sandbars really..... You can look on to see the different types from your state. And this is probably the best forum to be on to learn