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  1. Pure misinformation by the BBC

    ( "above a canyon town and up a winding mountain road, on a river that leads to nowhere")and you didn't see any badges, who'd a guessed. Another two day camper in someone else's back yard with what I am guessing are brand new boots and an orvis flyrod.
  2. Pure misinformation by the BBC

    double post...
  3. Group Campground on my claim.

    Don't take no for an answer or keep a friggin' torch in your truck. Man, Calif. has everybody worried about rules/laws to the point you lose yur downhome abilities. I don't have neighbors I have clansmen (...and NO....not the white robes type...).
  4. Pay dirt Suppliers?

    Well now....I guess not to serious, no responce. And I woulda' even "certified" it as real shiny SW Oregon placer. Offer is still up and postage would be $8.30 for a half-a-shoebox of mixed placer (weight content of gold as specified) and nice mix of black sand and tan crap. I guess knowing that...
  5. Pay dirt Suppliers?

    March 2 2020..... spot price: $51.65 per gram. Just got hammered with auto insurance. Perhaps you might want to PM me for a gram or two. I'll add the dirt for free!!!HA
  6. The passing of Keith Walker

    Nice to hear that Keith had as big of a reputation as Angels Camp has. Some very hardy souls come from those areas. All we can ever hope for is to maybe be remembered in some small way. I'll fire off a round or two and listen for an echo.
  7. 2020 Highbanking in California or not on private property ?

    I stand corrected.... and comparing HF to Honda: Just to clarify I have 5 small Hondas that perform great (also two...
  8. 2020 Highbanking in California or not on private property ?

    Kinda funny since Japan gets all of their "Honda" engines from china.
  9. Best gold pan?

    My internet is so friggin' slow lately that I pass on video's but just looking at the pan above....notice how scuffed up it is. Well thats the trick to any pan. A nice new shiny pan is worthless no matter who makes it. Two ways to get your pan up to it's potential.....use it for years and years...
  10. Should I

    bump...still looking

    Step one...get water rights Step two...get approved holding pond Step three...don't submit POO Step four...not that you have to but submit a NOI Step four allows you to meet all the folks that will inform you of the fine they are going to lay on you for that log cabin. Step permanent...
  12. Parting out my stuff

    Will trade one lazy girlfriend for all that is listed above. Free delivery.......
  13. How much gravel can you dig up in a day by hand with a pickaxe/shovel?

    These aren't the best, get the rechargeable battery type but it gives you a clue...
  14. How much gravel can you dig up in a day by hand with a pickaxe/shovel?

    Wimer is a bit east......but ya know I gotta keep my head down and powder dry....HA!!! BIGGGG DAY tomorrow...chiropractor at 3:15 pm. Unload 7 propane canisters and just as many 5gallon gas jugs when I get home. Gotta tell ya this is no time to mine, even the wet dew has wet dew on it. But a...
  15. How much gravel can you dig up in a day by hand with a pickaxe/shovel?

    I've had plenty of 7yd. cement trucks show up at my job sites.....let me know that guy's name and he's "hired". 10 yards...really and how big are your cords of wood. Young and hardy is a good thing but some of you guy's are missing the point. I live year around on a 40 acre blm mining claim...
  16. How much gravel can you dig up in a day by hand with a pickaxe/shovel?

    Wish I was a Kubota.....I don't shovel anymore, blaster nozzle and a highbanker with a nozzle in a hollow in the winter.....half ah wetsuit, a bottle of sippin' gin and my trusty 5inch dredge in the summer...but when I hit 80 yrs. I might slow down a bit.
  17. 12 days to Christmas!

    Early Xmas...just had a friend drop off a couple of fresh crabs...ummmmm Early xmas to all............
  18. Should I

    A bit off subject but...anyone else see that utube vid of a handful of young folks with a sluice box in a creek, with the sluice box in backwards???/ Love to find that one again, it got lost in my bookmarks somehow.
  19. FAKE $20'S WARNING

    Back in the late sixties I deposited two hundred dollars in twenty's and the teller told me one was the time I worked in a print shop!!!
  20. 2020 Trip planned to the US...advice needed...

    We drive on the other side of the road here in the States. Kinda backwards from your country. I made a total mess out of things when I was in England..... Just disregard all of the comments about North South East and West. Us miners are an easy lot to get along with, esp. in SW Oregon. Do some...