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  1. this would have SUCKED to step on!!!

    nice clad finds my dad is my MD partner too its so awesome to have him to enjoy the hobby with like you said its precious time spent indeed! :thumbsup:
  2. No more Doubts; Now Im Impressed with the SE-Pro !

    Re: No more Doubts; Now I'm Impressed with the SE-Pro ! Great finds man looks like some hard ground to dig I hate lime stone digging things a couple inches down take some work to get to. :thumbsup:
  3. 2011 Class Ring & My Treasure Ship Display! Update, Ring Returned!

    Re: 2011 Class Ring & My Treasure Ship Display! What a neat display for your finds! id just set there looking over my finds all day one of the best posts ever :thumbsup:
  4. to much of a good thing, might be a bad thing.. sun-mon finds......

    nice finds like the coins :thumbsup:
  5. "SkullDuggery" A smoking Pit Dig! (A couple new pics:cleaned up bottles)

    Re: "SkullDuggery" A smoking Pit Dig! The top hat is detailed and way cool still waiting to dig my 1st clay pipe yet :thumbsup:
  6. Found some kids bag of Pot lol

    It says "Highschool musical" which is a disney movie its not the name of someones school on the bag.... ;D
  7. I NEED SERIOUS HELP - Lots of whats-its

    Re: I NEED SERIOUS HELP - Lot's of whats-its Never thought i'd say this about a shotgun shell but thats one id like for the collection as well have never seen one. I found a live (plastic 12g) one once chewed on by an animal the rest are just annoying to find :thumbsup:
  8. This may be one that never gets IDed so I will call it an un-SOLVED MYSTERY

    Re: This may be one that never gets ID'ed so I will call it an un-SOLVED MYSTERY I was wondering if they maybe put tags like this on saddles like an inspection tag? :dontknow:
  9. Look what I found under the tree...... A lot of diggin !

    What a really great story . Me and my Dad who is 56 just started detecting together and I am thankful I have yet another hobby that he and I can enjoy together and I couldnt ask for a better MD'n partner :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  10. Best insitu pictures.....

    Great posts and pics the statue was super cool but the full skeleton was jaw dropping! :notworthy:
  11. My best ever !! 14k gold 35 diamonds ALL REAL !!

    What an awesome find that would so buy me a better MD :thumbsup:
  12. What were these used for?

    yep i agree first thing i thought of was smithing tongs cool find! :thumbsup:
  13. Can someone ID this metal ore ---Solved---

    Re: Can someone ID this metal ore Thank you DigginThePast I remember now thats what he said it was but I wasnt sure since the only silicon id heard of is for like caulking but Thats what it is. Ill get this one marked as solved way to go man and thanks heaps :thumbsup:.
  14. Can someone ID this metal ore ---Solved---

    Hi all im sorry to bother you guys with another ID question already again. but I have a little story about it you all might find funny. My dad goes outside with his metal detector and brings this back and said he found it a few feet from where i was digging the other day and i nearly fell...
  15. ID needed on these two

    Pocket knife liner on the top (the shape reminds me of a sodbuster) and the second looks to be off a fixed blade maybe a folder. And the brass thing I dont know looks like it was ripped off from something and all bent up to much to guess :thumbsup:
  16. Any information on this knife?

    My dads a knife collector and the oldest company i can think of who used leather like that although I havent seen any that is that this. is the "Western Knife company" they had an older name than that one they used as well but it still had "western" in it just cant think of it at the moment. but...
  17. Some kind of Farm Equipment?

    maybe a couple different angles would help show more of the shape to it would be helpful and something to scale it by :dontknow:
  18. Sailing ship, Lighthouse, Rocks?? Any ideas

    The writing on the back where it is seems to me like what ever was weilded to it were two small things possibly 3 (one big thing at the top and 2 things at the bottom) to the back as the words would be somehwere where u can find them to read clearly or easily so im leaning more towards some kind...
  19. Anyone have any ideas what this is?

    naw there is nothing broke off from it it does have a sort of a dip or dent around the center hole its pretty strong to be wire as i cant bend it by hand