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  1. which detector can handle hot rocks/cold stones better than SDC2300

    Going to give my two cents and reiterate most of what has already been said here although I think Lanny and Goldwasher have nailed it. Also, the tips IMPDLN gave you are spot on. I have A LOT of hours in on the SDC, and it would be the last of my detectors to go. If I could give myself one tip...
  2. Bedrock and Gold: The mysteries . . .

    That looks like a dream day right there; also looking forward to the story Lanny, congrats!
  3. It's time

    Equinox 800 seems to be shaking things up - read some of Jonathan Porters reports on it.
  4. Bedrock and Gold: The mysteries . . .

    Herb, your Canyon was really worked over by the rains this winter - entire gravel bars have been shifted. Poison oak leaves have dropped off mostly - weather is just shifting making for an easier hike in.
  5. Gold Monster 1000? Good starter machine?

    It's received a lot of mixed feedback, I think the only valid known issue is the coil sensitivity when bumped against rocks or other objects. You have to put in the time to learn the machine though, a lot of people are making very good finds with the monster - check out the...
  6. Macro Pics Vein Rock

    And my apologies IMAUDigger, I don't lump myself in that category, nor anyone else really here - that was painting with a very broad brush - the point I was really trying to make was that it's really hard to tell over the internet as photo's can easily be manipulated, light plays at different...
  7. Macro Pics Vein Rock

    Only you can really test it to see if its gold. When it comes to micro gold, armchair prospectors over the internet are going to be limited help. As others have mentioned, there can be other minerals taking on the same form in form of sulfides along with the manganese shown. Nice photos though...
  8. Macro Gold Racer

    Cell phones will wreak havoc with some detectors, if you're not going to power it down, at least put it in a back pocket or your backpack (if your using one.) Solid advice by Placergold, if you can eliminate the varaibles he mentioned, chances are your problem will be solved. The thing with...
  9. Nice CA Storm

    I was told the NFAR had reached above 60,000 CFS.
  10. Nice CA Storm

    Interstate 80 closed due to major mudslide near Donner Summit | The Sacramento Bee
  11. Is this gold??

    Put it under a loupe or a microscope, you'll know in an instant if it's gold. Posting pictures of what could be fly p**p, or dirt, on the interwebs and expecting people to make a sound judgement of its chemical makeup when you can't verify it yourself in person probably isn't the best of ideas?
  12. Late Christmas present to myself

    The best advice I can give you for setup is A) put it back in the box B) send it back to wherever you bought it C) Buy a bazooka. You'll find you retrieve a lot more gold this way.
  13. Woke up to this this morning on FB

    They really caused that piece of **** tin sluice a dredge? LOL. Of course its someone from Cotati, no surprise there.
  14. Found this gold dust in 3 minutes

    I heard bacon grease works better...just saying. :laughing9:
  15. gold dredger Chris Handegard passed away

    :sadsmiley: well ****...sad to hear that.
  16. Good article out of Sacramento

    Love it. :icon_thumright:
  17. GPAA, are most claims overworked?

    Way to resurrect a thread from 2009. Welcome to T-net.
  18. 788 cfs -Safe To Snipe?

    You can't effectively swim in above ~640 Cfs, I would be surprised if NFAR is running below 1000 cfs yet. Short answer would be to just play it safe and wait.
  19. Mercury Pollution in the Amazon River

    It's sad what the greed of humans can do :censored: Unfortunately, I don't think education is the short term answer, the countries best short term plan of action would be to target the individuals supplying the mercury.
  20. Big gold mine still out there to be found?

    You're one of those lucky few huh? They say around 30% of the population has mild to no reactions to it, unfortunately, I am not among that number. I am extremely careful in areas that are thick with it and I still manage to walk out of most of the rough country I hike through with a mild rash...