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  1. ♻️ TRADE WTT Sony A200 DSLR digital camera

    ( GONE) WTT Sony A200 DSLR digital camera Would like to trade my Sony A200 DSLR digital camera 10MP with 18-70mm lens and 75-300mm zoom lens,cover,filters. Camera is spotless used vary little. Takes beautiful pictures. Looking to trade for CZ20 with 10" coil. Sovereign? Can email pics.
  2. Excal gold finds over the last few months.

    Congrats nice rings, I just love seeing gold in the scoop.
  3. 💵 FOR SALE Minelab Explorer SE Pro

    Minelab Explorer SE Pro (sold) I have a lightly used Explorer SE Pro in excellent shape used just a few times, it was new early last fall. Transferable warranty to new owner good till Oct 2014. Comes with every thing in pictured, Battery's & charger, control cover, aluminum cuff & factory cuff...
  4. Video Unboxing my new BeachHunter ID

    Nice videos, We enjoy them. keep them coming :hello2:
  5. For Sale Sun Ray S-12 Coil

    Sent you a PM, Mel parker
  6. My find´s from Acapulco

    WTG nice finds.
  7. My first ring!

    Beautiful ring, congrats :hello2:
  8. Beach (lake) cut hunt video

    Awesome guys looks like a blast.
  9. New Excalibur II 1000 i think i have a problem please help

    Darren your mail box is full cant send you a PM.
  10. Finally Some Gold!

    Congrats nice finds.
  11. WTB CZ-20 Also 10" or 12" coil for CZ-5

    WTB CZ-20 Also 10" or 12" coil for CZ-5 WTB CZ-20 must be in good shape and water proof! Coil cover for CZ-5 8" coil. Also a coil for a CZ-5 5" & 10' or 12" Thanks.
  12. 02/18 Beach Gold

    Awesome nice find.
  13. WTT minelab sovereign GT (TRADED) Thanks.

    Minelab sovereign GT in great shape used little have every thing for it with some extras. Looking to trade for fisher CZ5 OR CZ3D or ? Pitchers are a little dusty from sitting in the closit. :dontknow: Would also consider a BHID.
  14. I got one!!!

    Now thats a nice one. :icon_thumleft:
  15. Treasure Hunter of the Gulf Coast Ron Lord & The Garrett Infinium

    Re: Treasure Hunter of the Gulf Coast Ron Lord & The Garrett Infinium Great video :hello2:
  16. Good variety today plus small gold band.

    WOW love that buckle. Nice haul.
  17. Jersey Shore Beach Hunting 2009 in Pictures....(video)

    Thanks for sharing some awesome finds. :hello2:
  18. Back from the condo...

    Great finds & sounds like a lot of fun. :icon_thumleft:
  19. floating water sift

    Re: floating water sift That is a nice job on your sift. But I am only looking for (who) the manufacture is. :icon_scratch: