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  1. Question about BLM lands

    B. L.M land is pretty open to use in az ,check with the office in Phoenix i have used all the methods there are metal dector dry washer dredge for getting gold on blm land. STATE TRUST LAND BE CAREFUL JUST CROSSING IT NOTHING IS IS ALLOWED NOTHING NOTHING. NO camping fees on blm
  2. ruinestone park

    The road to go on the mt runs right in front of my house. it is BensonLani, turn east off Morris Creek rd one mile north of the Runestone gate no treasures or anything that i have heard of.
  3. ruinestone park

    no metal detectors allowed,, antuiqy laws are very strict here
  4. Another "batch of Bradshaw Mountain GOLD

    Re: Another "batch of Bradshaw Mountain GOLD check my posts on the az site about the trails end mine area where i have found lotsa gold Blackfoot
  5. Open Carry

    Arizona Governor Just signed a bill allowing the people to carry concealed without a permit goes into effect in 90 days
  6. Sheriff Joe of Arizona is at it again ~ Open Discussion to Agree or Not

    Who is your personal scapegoat for the evils and ills of society? liberals are the problem, we went into debt to the tune of millions to build a new jail when we could have copied Sherrif JOE for a few thousand The prisoners could have cut woot with a crosscut saw for heating in the...
  7. Trails end mine

    The trails end mine was a shaft mine,that still has the head frame on it. Just above it was a large drift prospect , my friend found a pocket of very rich ore right in the mouth on the right side had about TEN OZS. free milling gold like that was in the trails end mine. THERE is only sulfide...
  8. Nothing found at Mill Creek . . .

    Did you find the cement slabs where the apache s house was? I had been shown a fist sized nugget that i was told that was found at Arivaca in a gulch called Yaqui when I was told by the law I was UNDERARMED because i only had a 22 auto pistol, never could find the gulch either on map or in person.
  9. Nothing found at Mill Creek . . .

    a little of the gold I have found at those places .
  10. A few more photos from Mill Creek

    I have never seen any elk there, just large mule deer..
  11. A few more photos from Mill Creek

    I am indian and a hunter plus i spent 15 springs about 2 or 3 weeks at a time there hunting for the yellow metal there are many more places you can find gold outher than the ones i have told you about.
  12. Some of my basic field equipment

    good that you are concerned about being able to hear what is going on around you but you MUST listen iwas walking along looking for a humming bird when i finally heard the rattles it was the third rattle when i looked down the snake was coiled an raring back to strike about a foot from my right...
  13. A few more photos from Mill Creek

    so i am right the tree is between the dug out on the right and the cement slab on the left,they told me that wood sticking out was a well liner. going on down the trail you are on there will be on your left a green brushy tree with branchs all the way to the ground,under it is a culvert...
  14. A few more photos from Mill Creek

    i think the bottom picture of the trees is the one that has the old dug out to the right of it, then the cement slabs would be to the left of it Blackfoot
  15. Mill Creek Area Pictures

    facing the growler corral behind you is the place where we got the 2or 3 ozs. i have a goldbug2 but i have never used it to find the gold there.i just know where to look. the square metal thing is laying at the bottom of where we found the gold on top of that little point,everyone that has...
  16. Mill Creek Area Pictures

    The rock house at the mill site was complete last time I was there roof and all two years ago. the water in you picture was in the area i was talking about,if you turn your head to the right and look over your shoulder you would be looking at Rattlesnake Point. where we took about 3 ozs. half...
  17. How would you sell a cache?

    the red chinese will buy all you have,also there is a guy in spokane
  18. Been to Arivaca area? Was it worth the trip?

    down canyon from the mill about two miles the water has all ways been running. just past where the water bubbles up on the left atop the hill is some of the diggins me and my kids took out about 4 ozs. on down the canyon about half mile on the right is old house site where a old apache lived...
  19. Been to Arivaca area? Was it worth the trip?

    there are jaguars lions and bear there, i know that is far north for jaguars best take my word for it they are coming north for food
  20. Been to Arivaca area? Was it worth the trip?

    i was on milk creek by the trails end mill site for 28 days did not see anyone but one cowboy looking for cattle