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  1. Hog hunting anyone?

    Ohio was worried about the rodent population some years back. They brought in coyote to lower the rodent population. Now, we have a bounty on coyote. We had a rat problem along the Scioto River through downtown Columbus. They brought in Peregrine falcons (which eat mostly birds). The rats are...
  2. Fisher F-Pulse important finding

    Fisher recommends alkaline batteries "for best results." I have a new one (latest generation). It's working perfectly so far.
  3. Out roughing it and camping in the wilds

    My father-in-law lived on the treasure coast (Vero Beach) for about twelve years, until he passed away. He was a great musician and a nice guy with occasional cranky moods. We always got along well.
  4. Vintage Hofner acoustic guitar

    Taylor guitars are similar in todays makers. THey use shims to reset proper relief angles and action on their guitars. OP, Hofner was a department store brand, for the most part, until Paul McCartney broke his bass guitar and needed one for the night's gig in Hamberg, Germany. He walked around...
  5. anyone know what this is?

    Nikon released a new film camera body a few years back. It was about 5K, so, you'd have to be serious about your investment. I have a Rolleiflex (1966) TLR (120 roll film). I seldom shoot film these days.
  6. Nearby, landscape and wildlife are two of my many passions.

    Here is one with the heron eating the muskrat young.
  7. Looking for an ID of this item.

    It looks like a crudely fashioned valve.
  8. Nearby, landscape and wildlife are two of my many passions.

    I'll take that as a compliment, thank you. Heron are simply amazing. I watched one eat a bullfrog, a small bass, and three young muskrats in one morning. I even photographed it eating the muskrat. They are incredibly intelligent birds.
  9. Gibson LP Std

    My house is a revolving door of musical instruments. My present collection is Martin D10E, Seagull Entourage Autumn Burst, Fender Telecaster Player Plus (smoke), 1959 Les Paul Re-Issue (Gibson/Epiphone collaboration Gibby pickups-BurstBuckers). I've had Fender Mustang, another Tele, Epiphone...
  10. how old is everyone here?

    I am sixty-four years young. My family is long lived, so, I plan to be around a while. I've been detecting since mid 1990s. I did a lot of metal detecting in historic sites that were on private properties back east. I am in Columbus, Ohio these days. My work takes me to the outdoors, so, I keep...
  11. Photography is one of my passions. My wife took this shot of me.

    For those curious about my photographic gear. I shoot wildlife with Nikon D7500 and mostly long lenses. For landscapes I shoot the Pentax K-1 Mark II and it is 36 mp full-frame sensor.
  12. Photography is one of my passions. My wife took this shot of me.

    I am a professional photographer, musician, singer-songwriter, artist, author, cyclist, with a love of metal detecting, history, art, and more.
  13. Nearby, landscape and wildlife are two of my many passions.

    Great blue heron... skilled hunters. Nearby beautiful Hayden Falls.
  14. Columbus Area TH'ers

    I don't see any active groups in the Columbus area these days. I tried to get one together years ago, but, I became too busy with work and the whole idea simply faded. Is anyone interested in a club in Franklin County area?
  15. New Club & Website Starting Up In Ohio

    Is there anyone trying to start an active club in the Columbus area?
  16. New Fisher F-Pulse???????

    The range is from 2.6 kHz to 25 kHz according to one video I watched. There are 16 frequency bands.
  17. A new Fisher F-Pulse AT-Pro copatible

    I just received my new Fisher F-Pulse pinpointer this morning and took it out the back door to see if it will play nice with my Garrett AT-Pro. Yes, it does without need for adjustment. I just swung the coil on the AT, got a signal, dug a plug, turned on the F-Pulse, found a penny. Snow is in...
  18. New member

    I can understand that, especially with the value of an eight reale.