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  1. This metal detector just convinced me I am 'getting' old.

    Wow I had that same machine back in 1974-1975 i found my first 2 gold rings with it thanks for the memories
  2. Saturday in the water

    nice silver ring wtg hh dave+bobbie
  3. help with a button

    thanks for the info guys appreciate it hh dave+bobbie
  4. help with a button

    Bobbie and I actually got to get out today to detect some. We found this button,and was wondering if anybody has any ideas It is the size of cuff button, crown at the top and bird in the center Any help would be appreciated hh dave+bobbie
  5. my digs for the weekend....

    nice bunch of find, wtg standing liberty and buffalo never get tired of seeing them
  6. My Son found his first ever GOLD today !

    very nice congrats to the both of you hh dave+bobbie
  7. Holy Ring!!!!

    that is too cool wtg hh dave+bobbie
  8. Red Gold? Lol

    nice gold bracelet wtg hh dave+bobbie
  9. Todays treasure , silver , ring #94

    another great day of finds hh dave+bobbie
  10. Todays Hunt, my best Find EVER! and its not Gold

    what a terrific find wtg hh dave+bobbie
  11. Double silver

    wtg on silver and clad finds hh dave+bobbie
  12. Todays digs. Anyone have an idea on the medal?

    I dont know the age but those are some great finds nice mix wtg hh dave+bobbie
  13. wells beach maine gold ring.

    that is a beauty wtg hh dave+bobbie
  14. struck gold today!

    nice gold find history hunter, its always nice seeing it show up again hh dave+bobbie
  15. First gold on the beach

    nice ring wtg, looks like you guys were having a great time hh dave+bobbie
  16. Cashed in my good karma today

    thats a beauty wtg hh dave+bobbie
  17. Finally found a gold ring!

    congrats wtg on your first gold ring, hope you now find many more hh dave+bobbie
  18. Thanksgiving morning park hunt. Gold and Silver!

    way to go on the gold ring and silver bracelet hh dave+bobbie
  19. First three weeks with AT Pro....7 gold

    wtg on a great 3 weeks with at pro hh dave+bobbie
  20. Last two hunts give me my first ring and first chunky bracelet

    couple of sweet finds wtg hh dave+bobbie