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  1. Youtubers...

    In November I saw a "staged" live dig and asked people on a facebook group if I should call him out. Didn't post the video address publicly, just privately to a couple of people who were interested. Apparently the youtuber was also a member of the facebook group where I mentioned that I saw a...
  2. a boa is hunting the cat - how to trap ?

    Do a catch, clean and cook video. I hear Boas taste like chicken.
  3. Mercury Dimes

    very common to find them on 1950's properties.
  4. Pennsylvania and Ohio detecting

    I am in southwestern PA, what's your question?

    I bought one, but only used it for about 15 minutes in my yard. Found a chuck of brass, maybe a finial for a fireplace poker, that my other machines missed. I tried to update the Simplex out of the box, and had problem due to using an older Windows 7 computer. I then used my wife's computer with...
  6. What do all of you do in winter when can’t detect go crazy

    Ice fishing and 3D printing.
  7. Mayan style LIDAR treasure hunt in W PA

    Going to have to learn how to download/view LiDar maps. :) Anyone have a website for "Lidar viewing for Dummies" -Roy
  8. Mayan style LIDAR treasure hunt in W PA

    Could you post a link to the LIDAR maps? Are Washington and maybe Crawford county available? Thanks Roy
  9. Razor tip arrow found on beach

    Is the entire area around the body of water considered no hunting? If not, the hunter may have been hunting a different area, the arrow may have been deflected into the water and then it floated to the beach. I would think a carbon fiber arrow would float.
  10. Kill this fish

    I hear they fight hard, and taste pretty good. and by the looks of them there should be quite a bit of meat on those fillets.
  11. New Metal Detector Design Requirement Wish List

    So it will have a display similar to what I was wishing for in my post about the imaging on the screen. Maybe I do want "in" on this one.
  12. Yellow Sludge Fouling the Yuba River!

    Loess: a loosely compacted yellowish-gray deposit of windblown sediment of which extensive deposits occur, e.g., in eastern China and the American Midwest. Maybe Loess was washed into the river?
  13. New Metal Detector Design Requirement Wish List

    If you need a field tester who nobody has ever heard of and and whose opinion will be respected by few, and who is a casual silver coin detectorist, I think I am your man. P.S. and I don't have any issues signing an NDA. And if you want what I'd like to see on a dream machine, if would have a...
  14. ever do this RATED R

    Did that once while hunting and my buddy quietly came up to me from behind, and scared me half to death. It's difficult to run with your pants down around your ankles. lol
  15. ATPro giving erratic false errors--QUICK FIX

    Thanks I will give it a try. I have been having this problem with my ATPro recently
  16. missing 14 year old grand daughter of James Longacre found dead-----AGAIN

    Ok, I admit it. I had to look it up on Wikipedia.
  17. etrac or ctx thinking about buying one . which one?

    I have an Etrac and love it. If I could get a CTX for a grand, I would jump on it. All the good parts of an Etrac and water proof, a no-brainer. if you don't buy the CTX can I have dibs on it?:)
  18. IF you had $10,000.....

    I'd buy a new Minelab CTX 3030 and keep the rest in cash under my mattress.
  19. Are you (we) only as good as our last find?

    My last find registered a perfect 12-42 on my Etrac at 8 inches and turned out to be a Pepsi can at about 18 inches. That area had to be filled dirt and I didn't realize it. Deepest hole I've dug with my Etrac. :)
  20. Anyone familiar with the Fisher F5?

    Good point and not that it makes much of a difference but the Etrac is around 1500.