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  1. Revoluonary War item... any ideas?

    Found this at a Revolutionary War encampment site on the Mohawk River... I believe it's brass... could be British or US militia... around 1777
  2. Todays Unknown Finds

    The button looks like a campaign button from the 1830's.. I have one just like it. Depends on what is written on the back.. I can't make it out.
  3. Rare coin worth THOUSANDS!!!

    Definitely banner!!
  4. ๐Ÿฅ‡ BANNER Had a good day Saturday...Civil War Muskets!!!

    wow. what a great find.. exciting!
  5. How many pack a handgun when detecting?

    I do carry on occasion.. usually when I'm alone and doing a remote cellar hole location... nobody is gonna make me "squeel like pig"... !
  6. ๐Ÿฅ‡ BANNER Incredible currencies lost

    wow look at all the shiny SILVER!
  7. A first for me

    Wow nice double edged axe... I have found many single edge.. never a double edge...
  8. ๐Ÿ† HONORABLE MENTION It doesnt get any better than this!

    That my friend is what it's all about... makes yaa just feel good inside... great story!
  9. nothing special but not bad for a guy in a wheelchair

    vintage Mentholatum milk glass jar...
  10. Not what I expected.. but some silver!

    After about a 3 hr hunt at a friends house... its 175 years old...this is all I came up with... expected much more because of the age... I'll be going back though... 1911, 1914 wheaties, a shoe buckle (in excellent shape), and a piece of silver that looks like it came off of some type of jewelry...
  11. A cache of religious artifacts.

    Wow.. what a great mystery... that would be something if it was stolen loot.. that would be the find of a lifetime for me... love it!
  12. Hunted out city park

    Gotta love it... nice finds.
  13. 1913 Canadian Silver

    I never thought of that... sounds logical
  14. 1913 Canadian Silver

    Knowing nothing about canadian coins I didn't think it was silver when I found it... I didn't know it was silver until I researched the coin... thats how tarnished it is and I'm having trouble cleaning it up ... soap and water just aren't cutting it.
  15. 1913 Canadian Silver

    Sorry here is the reverse of the coin...
  16. 1864 2 Center !! >> Been waiting 4 years for this moment :-)

    I'm with the other guys.. what is your cleaning secret??
  17. 1913 Canadian Silver

    After hours of unproductive cellar holes in Northern NY... I managed to dig this up at the last cellar hole. 1913 Canadian Silver Quarter in pretty good condition, but badly tarnished. Something about the soil in Northern NY area that does a number on all metals. Hey.. silver is silver :)
  18. Great Silver First for ME!

    I dug this near an old cellar hole in central NY yesterday... I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it laying there in the hole... sorry about the pics I need to get a macro camera, but it is a 1796 Carolus IIII Guatemala minted 2 reale silver piece and it is in excellent shape. I will...
  19. Dug a sterling silver thimble

    wow.. what a beauty!
  20. Sterling Silver Napkin Ring!

    Isn't it great how some junk can be sooo beautiful!!