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  1. A couple large cents, an eagle button and some good shots of my left hand.

    The large cents are really nice but, like you said, just some beautiful shots of your left hand. :laughing7:
  2. Eastern North Carolina Anyone

    Hey Metalman. I live in Greenville and work in New Bern a lot. I'd be interested in meeting up for a hunt sometime.
  3. Eastern North Carolina Anyone

    I am in Greenville and would like to find a hunting partner. Willing to travel a ways. Thanks!
  4. tiny copper button

    Found this little guy near a civil war battlefield. Not sure if it's trash or treasure. Thanks for any help. HH.

  6. 🥇 BANNER CIVIL WAR HUT SITE w/buttons, glass, 249 BULLET DAY and more!

    Amazing what a little persistence and knowledge can get you. Way to go!!
  7. Need digging partner(s)

    I recently move to Greenville from Wyoming and am very interested in digging for civil war artifacts or digging privies. I have some basic privy digging equipment and have had some success in WY. Anyone interested? HH.
  8. Roman silver, Antonius Pius, 139 AD

    This should have been a banner find. Way to go!!
  9. Beautiful Cibil War US Boxplate hooks makers Mark and all.

    Holy bat guano Batman!! That is a combo of a lifetime.
  10. A virgin site, a naked and silver

    OK I clicked on this post to see the naked lady but stayed for the rest of the great finds. Way to go.
  11. WOW! 1868 Double Eagle Token

    The one that sold at auction was said to be worth between $750-$1500. This is by far the most valuable item I have ever found. Thanks for all the comments, guys!!
  12. WOW! 1868 Double Eagle Token

    Oops. Forgot to attach photos.
  13. WOW! 1868 Double Eagle Token

    Found this the other day. Needless to say I almost had a heart attack when I saw Lady Liberty staring up at me from the plug. Not a Double Eagle, but in my humble opinion, maybe something even cooler. This is a token for "J. Wanless & Co.", a sutler at Fort Sanders, D.T. which is in Wyoming but...
  14. old dashboard panel

    My dad dug this up awhile back in New Mexico. We are unable to pin point the type of automobile it belongs to. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks. :thumbsup:
  15. 1800s octacle glass??

    I don't think so. This is in the middle of many 1800's finds. I think Boston N Mate may be correct, although I have yet to find a picture of another.
  16. 1800s octacle glass??

    1800's octacle glass?? Saved these pieces from being destroyed by a crew installing a new gas pipe line. Any idea what they are?? thanks.
  17. Greenville, NC - Eastern NC...hunting partners...

    I'm in the Greenville/Kinston area this week visiting looking for a hunting partner. Hit me up.
  18. huge bottle dump first hole

    Man, I'm jealous!!! Keep us posted. I wanna know what the bottom yields. Great saves.
  19. I found a Cannon Ball...I think.

    talk to cannonball guy. he can ID it in seconds. Might wanna post it under what is it so he will see it or message him.
  20. religious coin or token???

    Hey great job on the ID. Only I don't think my coin is gold. Other than that it looks identical. Thanks for the help.