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  1. ๐Ÿฅ‡ BANNER 1862 S $10 gold

    Tom huge CONGRATULATIONS!!! I can appreciate all the hard work and countless hours that must go into finding a gem like that. Having recently relocated to a new area, I have been struggling big time in locating sites that are historic, accessible and producing.... But i know that's all part of...
  2. WOW !!! CAPPED BUST HALF DOLLAR !! from California no less!!

    I voted banner.. (Why the heck is this not a banner right now!?!?!?!?!?!!) Huge congrats!!!!!!!
  3. ๐Ÿฅ‡ BANNER Another first

    Dang that is some incredible detail.... CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  4. Small Military Eagle Button

    Posting for a buddy of mine that located this little gem a few months back. About 5/8" in diameter (smaller than a dime) and is pictured with a large paperclip. I am thinking pre Civil War and perhaps a collar button. Thanks for any insight!!
  5. Weekend Silvers

    Agree-My favorite kind of dirty pictures!!
  6. I got the last laugh

    Nice doggie tag!! I get more thrilled each time I find an older one. Great finds all around! Peter
  7. Barber Penny - Silver - And a nice lil time keeper

    Thanks Glen! Hope you double up on your rings in 2015. Peter
  8. Barber Penny - Silver - And a nice lil time keeper

    Ahh!! You guys are right! :occasion14: I stand corrected-A Longacre Cent. Nice going on the correction. Don't know why I always thought that was a Barber design!! Thanks for all the great comments. Happy detecting for you all this weekend. :sunny:
  9. Two U.S. Buckles!!!

    Even more than the fronts, the backs with the clips intact is amazing!!!
  10. Barber Penny - Silver - And a nice lil time keeper

    Been hitting some nice old ground when I can, BUT finding just the time.... to detect seems to be the tuff thing lately!! :angry4: Well even though the hours are few, been very happy with the goodies I have found. The pocket watch is my fav. If only because most of the pocket watches I find...
  11. I also came across a rattlesnake while detecting, but it was protecting 13 stars!

    Sparse finds??? Who cares with buttons like that!! Well done getting that away from your rattlesnake friend. Peter
  12. Mystery Disc Cleaning up nicely... I.D. Help

    + Great question... I have seen coins like this-But in really good condition go for 200.00+ I feel this one will probably have a value at a fraction of that. This is a coin that has no value as far as a low production run-miss marks ect... But the value to me and how/where I got is priceless...
  13. Mystery Disc Cleaning up nicely... I.D. Help

    Hey thanks folks! Appreciate the nice comments. Yeah it was a real shocker... Never in a million years would I have thought I would find something like that! Certainly in the USA. Funny but I will take it for sure.
  14. Todays hunt is brought to you by the silver letter R , rings #88 - #90

    Amazing Glen at the varied finds you get out of the ground! And to have them silver is even better. Well done!! Peter
  15. Mystery Disc Cleaning up nicely... I.D. Help

    Thanks Glen! Yeah pretty amazing and the poor guy/gal all those years ago (100+ I surmise) must have been bummed to loose that the way he/she did.
  16. Mystery Disc Cleaning up nicely... I.D. Help

    Thanks Ronson.... Fun for me to be able to do that! Appreciate the note.
  17. Mystery Disc Cleaning up nicely... I.D. Help

    On the mystery coin... Thanks to a bunch of peoples help (see Help Post here) the I.D. of the coin is made. Since many spent a fair bit of time on this, I thought I would reply in kind with a detailed composite overlay I did in PS to show in fact this is the coin that DCMatt and another person...
  18. Mystery Disc Cleaning up nicely... I.D. Help

    Well I have an answer to my mystery coin... Its not complete as far as real-fake ect... But please see my Help Thread to give a little more explanation. First I will show a few finds from 4 different hunts that yielded some goods. (Yeah four hunts but I was skunked on one-So really three)...
  19. โœ… SOLVED Need to I.D. A Nickel size Disc Found In A Turn Of The Century Site

    Yes and this one was probably minted 250AD which was almost in the middle of the coin run. The reason for the year is that the weight is nearly spot on. (Less the pitting and corrosion on my coin) Right now before going forward I want to be at least reasonably sure that is genuine. So far it is...